Monday, October 3, 2011

just my luck

Do you enter blog giveaways, when you know you'll totally never win anyway?
Last week I entered to win the completely adorable new Honey Blouse pattern by Toni Coward of Make It Perfect.
Then I had an email from Crafty Mamas saying they had the pattern in already and hurry before it was all gone. Ah the dilemma! I bought it. Because I never win anything, right?
Except I did.
Then I had to 'fess up so they could give it to someone else.
Ah well, it's all good, isn't it?

(Clem's t-shirt a new one in the Ottobre Best T-shirts pattern and Charlie's a new one in Figgy's Tee For Two)

- Jane x


  1. How nice of you! You could have been a pattern hoarder. Congrats on winning anyway, I never ever win giveaways and yet I still try.

  2. I'm loving that little shirt with the striped sleeves! Cute!


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