Sunday, October 16, 2011

KCWC days six and seven: helloooo Spoonflower organic cotton knit!

Whaddayareckon? I reckon this is right up there as one of my all-time favourite-things-I've-sewed.

The details:
Pattern - Figgy's Tee For Two, except sewn on the overlocker (no exposed seams).
Print fabric - organic cotton knit from Spoonflower, "countryside architecture linen" by Holli Zollinger.
Plain fabric - organic cotton jersey from Kelani Fabric.
Neckband - cut from the unprinted edge from the Spoonflower fabric.

 Design feature! You know, to cover up where I accidentally ended up with the join on the neckband at the front? Sweet little piece of Japanese cotton trim from here, which happened to match the colour scheme perfectly.
Gasp! The twin needle worked. I had a feeling that the special magic needed was my good old 'Blue Magic' Singer 348, whose story I must tell one day. I had lent it to a friend, she brought it back, I tried the twin needle. My devotion to Singers is reaffirmed. Yay.
I bought two yards of this print from Spoonflower, which was my first ever order from them. I also got one of their swatch books of all their different base fabrics, which will be great for future reference. One of the reasons I went to Spoonflower was for boy-friendly prints, particularly ones suitable for tween-age and up. I like the way you can gather a whole collection of 'favourites', and I have a few more good ones I'd be keen to order now.

I love the fact this is organic cotton. And the price, at least with the current AUD/USD exchange rate, was reasonable given that it's organic, and printed to order. It took about a month to arrive but that probably only served to make it more exciting.

Here's a tip: if you want two or more continuous yards of a print, make sure you order it as one quantity of the required length, not multiple quantities of one yard. I had a number of things in my online shopping cart and was umming and ahhing, changing my mind, and in the end just opted for the two yards of this. So I must have changed my order to '2' of this in the cart. Therefore it turned up as two separate cut yards. Not a terrible problem but not quite as versatile as two continuous yards.

The knit is beautifully soft, light-ish but not too flimsy. I will definitely be back for more.

Well, I think that's it for my KCWC, but certainly not the end of my summer-sewing-for-boys. I went out and made appreciative noises at Andy doing an awesome job of fixing the side fence, to make up for my recent sewing binge. "Fwoaarrr" and "that looks soooo much better!" should assure me a bit more sewing time over the next week :)

- Jane x


  1. I love this SO MUCH. Well done. I have hovering around Spoonflower for a while, drooling, but have never hit "buy." You're making me reconsider!

  2. I love this fabric! You have convinced me to try spoonflower! You did a perfect job.
    P.s. Your kids have the greatest hair!

  3. Nooo! Stop showing my the awesome fabric that you bought...I do not need a reason to stalk spoonflower! :)

  4. Thanks everyone :-) I would love to see what you all might make from some great Spoonflower prints too!
    Yes Carla our boys all have way better hair than me & Andy, and are heaps cooler than us too (well I suppose I should just speak for myself), I don't know how it happened but I am jealous of them!

  5. Loving that fabric Jane. I'm off to look for spoonflower fabric along with everyone else. Great job, I think I need a knit fabric lesson to get me started!

  6. How awesome! Love that Spoonflower knit! :)


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