Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Honey Blouse

Yeah, I'm really uncomfortable posing for photos... but at least I managed to cut the fabric so the pink flowers didn't end up in awkward places
The Honey Blouse, by Make it Perfect.

This is the pattern I was so impatient to get my hands on, I ordered it before I knew whether or not I'd won it in a giveaway. Then I did win it, then I had to say oops, I already bought it, so the talented Toni Coward who made the pattern could give it away to someone else.

Still, I think it was worth all that palaver!

I bought my Pattern from Crafty Mamas and I know Earthgirl Fabrics now has it in stock too.

I used an Anna Maria Horner voile that I bought probably six months ago, in a fit of wishing I could build myself some kind of fabric vat and swim in AMH voiles.

One of the loveliest details on the top is the kind of twisted band on the neck and sleeves.

I've always wondered how to get that look, and it's not too difficult, just a bit fiddly handling the layers of twisted fabric and gathers and not sewing the wrong bits together. However, I managed with a minimum of swearing and unpicking.

The top is really comfy. Having just worn it to a hippy music event where I had to sit on the ground, I can say that I was really appreciative of the security and length of the waistband, which covered up the bit that my jeans, er, don't, when I sit down. Well it felt like it did. I wasn't sitting behind me so I can't say for sure.

I made a size M which is my usual average size but with the looseness of the design and my narrow shoulders, I possibly could go down a size. And maybe slightly shorter in length.

I liked how the pattern told me how to finish the seams, and at which point. The way the pattern pieces went together, and the order of the instruction pages, took a bit of getting used to but in the end it is quite economical with paper which is a good thing.
I'm a dork, I'm a dork, I'm a great big dork
If I hadn't been choosing fabric from my stash I might have gone for something plainer, that shows up the shaping of the blouse a bit more and makes it a bit less ultra-girly. (Blouse - it's just not a word I use! But I guess this really is a blouse.) A lovely light linen, anyone? Also, a double gauze as shown on the pattern would be lovely.

I think this will see quite a bit of wear over the coming summer months and I can imagine I might make more in the future. Thumbs up.

- Jane x



  1. I love this top! You don't look like a dork, you look adorable. All the detail is just great. I once had a top that tied at the bottom like that, I just might have to get that pattern. (loved your comment about placing the flowers in the right spot, hilarious)

  2. It is gorgeous! I love all the special details on the shirt - especially the neckline and the tie at the bottom. You look fabulous!

  3. OMG. Wow. You look AMAZING! I love this blouse! (I like the word "blouse" myself.) Do you think you could do this in a knit? I love me a soft draped knitted top, and this seems like the perfect shape. Well done!

  4. Oh Jane! I love it!!!! So beautiful and looks amazing on you :) Thanks for the great review xx

  5. This looks great - think you may have just persuaded me to add yet another pattern to my mountain!

  6. Oh thank you everyone! I've been gardening today so I couldn't wear it but I think I just have to have a shower now and put it on again, it's just so summery-comfy! Ha!
    I got a comment from Inder which I can't see here now strangely, but she asked if it might perhaps work in a knit and I was thinking that myself. I think if you went down a size it would work in a knit. You'd need to use stretch stitch/zigzag/overlocker of course but I can't see any reason it wouldn't work. Could be lovely. Food for thought!

  7. It's so lovely, perfect fabric choice too!

  8. You're doing better than me at sewing. Gotta tell you, that's a cute photo of you, Jane. I can't see anything dorky about you!

  9. Let me re-phrase that. I'd like to be doing more sewing.


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