Friday, October 28, 2011

nang-nang season

Have things around your household taken on new names, thanks to small people?
As a baby Clem pronounced 'banana' as 'nang-nang'. Then it became the word for any desired fruit, said plaintively with outstretched hand: "nang-nang?".

Particularly, these white mulberries which are very sweet. I planted the nang-nang tree and it's pretty huge now and thrives on very little attention, which makes me feel like a semi-competent gardener.

Being a wise 4y.o. this season Clem said "what? They're not nang-nangs, they're mulberries!" but we're all in the nang-nang habit now and he's caught on again.
A few other oddities we have around home:
One of the dih-dees has been very broody for a couple of weeks now and is looking a bit sad compared to the other two. I think that's more likely to happen if you have ones that are not your normal standard brown dih-dee, bred for productivity.

Pung. No logical connection, don't try to figure it out.

Bashi (rhymes with mushy). The kid, not the rat.

And I'd better not forget bobbin.
Today on the footpath Clem stopped to pick up a feather and asked me "do you think it came from the bird's bobbin?" and he sounded so serious I could just about have scooped him up and eaten him on the spot.
Of course he's been positively revolting other parts of the day.
Speaking of which. Now and then I've read bloggers wondering about the balance of what they post, and others post, and how 'real' is the portrayal of lives.
I was wondering about starting a little series of posts showing the flipside of things... the yin and yang, pros and cons or whatever... not to deliberately show awful things or complain or anything; just to show the way things tend to balance out.
For example, love the romance of keeping chickens (dih-dees)? They're pretty, they eat food scraps, lay fresh eggs, make fertiliser. What else? Oh yeah. They attract flies.
I am not going to make that photo any bigger. You don't want to see the detail of this horribly effective fly trap.
But nothing worthwhile is really easy is it? Does anyone want to see the flipsides really?
And do you have any great made-up words in common use at your place?

- Jane x


  1. Haha! Of all of the bloggers I read, you are definitely in the "keepin' it real" camp (hopefully I am too). I don't see a lot of overly idealized portrayals of your life on this blog, which needless to say, is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much! (I'm thinking of the ants in the Wii controller post. Blech.)

    But by all means, keep it even more real! But does it always have to involve bugs?

  2. I feel like I now speak your family's secret language :)

  3. I've been trying to think of funny words our family uses. It wasn't until I made pikelets for breakfast, and Emily asked for 'male siprit' on hers. Jack couldn't say maple syrup when he was little and it has stuck with us.
    I used to call a trampoline a'champa cheen' , Emily now calls ours a champa.


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