Thursday, October 20, 2011

best fabric evah*!

Why am I blogging a badly-posed picture of crumpled shorts I've already blogged about?
Because these 'pyjama' shorts have been worn six days five nights non-stop at the wearer's insistence, and they still look okay.
This means two things:
1. My parenting is questionable.
2. This fabric is awesome.

I am itching to make myself something from the remainder of the fabric. A dress, I'm thinking something shirt-dress style perhaps.

Can I just wax lyrical about this fabric - Alexander Henry Larkspur Painter's Dots in Blue - a little more?
- It's pretty. Clem keeps saying how pretty it is.
- It's gorgeous cotton lawn that feels light and soft yet crisp, doesn't crease much yet presses well, is smooth yet breathable... yum.
- It repels dirt and hides marks. I even spilt a little sparkling red wine on them as I was sewing, whoops, and you would never know. This is glamorous yet practical fabric, folks.

Here are a couple of patterns under consideration for a spottyfrock. What do you think?
This is really quite hard to see properly. Why do they make the images so small on the front? I bought this a while back because I loved the ribbon-tie version.
Now that's better, thanks Simplicity! This looks pretty cool, but may have sack-like potential. Loving all the groovy versions though! The stockings! The shoes! And pockets, hooray for pockets.
And thanks to the Men's Shirt Sewalong I am no longer scared of The Placket. I have made some beautiful, if completely unworn, men's shirt plackets....
Unfortunately I suspect either of these patterns would be best tested in muslin form first. Yawn. Think I might make myself a Honey Blouse first. Starting now, if the small peeps keep watching the telly for a while. In their dirty clothes.

- Jane x

*I reserve the right to throw this phrase around will-nilly for whichever fabric takes my current fancy.

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  1. Oh, I agree! I used some Alexander Henry cotton lawn on another project and it was lovely. And I was amazed at how it didn't wrinkle. I can't wait to see what you make with the rest of it!


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