Wednesday, October 5, 2011

most convincing reason for an iPhone yet

I've never really been able to justify an iPhone and I'm not sure that I want to be that permanently connected anyway. Besides, the kids would non-stop pester me for 'a go on it'.
But if I could cross-stitch it a sweet cover?
So tempting!
(from The Purl Bee)

- Jane x


  1. Totally! (Warning: I am not one of those iPhone devotees. So the cover is in fact more interesting to me than its contents!)

  2. I so agree. The whole world around me seems to find the iPhone completely necessary and fascinating. I totally don't need one or particularly feel the urge. I might have to figure out a crafty cover for my utterly uncool Nokia though.

  3. hehehe - I think you are right! This cover is pretty compelling! (I, too, am a Nokia owner!)


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