Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pom tiddly om pom, pom pom

Ah, so much has gone unblogged or almost blogged. 
And in case that sounds dramatic, let me assure you, it's not at all. In fact it's been entirely humdrum, everyday unblogged. I have indeed been sewing, but I've shared things for me over at The Drapery blog so don't want to double up. Ah, might throw in a photo or two at the end here.

But down to business - oh and sorry, it's more dog business. Ew, not that kind.

I made a pompom for Skylar today. It was such a success I wanted to share, and it seemed like a quick and likely way to get back into the blogging habit.

Skylar loves fuzzy things, and had taken a particular liking to a woollen pompom that I made with the boys some years ago, that's been hanging about the house ever since. We throw it for her out the back, she races at it, snaps it up, flips it in the air and basically goes crazy for the thing. It's looking the worse for wear.
 I do rather like the traditional method of pompom making, with two cardboard rings, poking the wool through and around, through and around. However, it's time-consuming. And I came across an adapted method that doesn't really feel like cheating, but is a whole load quicker. Yep, found it on Pinterest.

 I think it made a very satisfactory pompom! I tied it as tightly as I could, knowing now the kind of treatment it was in for. (Those are shreds of the earlier pompom around on the lawn.)
 I didn't manage to capture Skylar doing her full flip-out, which she generally reserves for 7am or earlier. Later in the day she prefers a quick trot and lie down. It's easy to see why racing never suited her. Most of the races are at night. Silly races.
 Your move, pompom.
Below are the cardboard pieces I used for pompom construction, after removal. I think these may be bigger than the templates provided in the Pinterest link. When I printed out the largest one, it looked pretty small so I made up my own. I may have buggered up the printing, or I may just prefer a giant pompom.

And the pompom pieces are sitting on the laptop on which I type my blog posts - grubby old thing! Complete with 'bread tag elves' courtesy of Jasper.

Now, on with random recent photo grabs!

Here's a t-shirt I made for Clem with some awesome cotton/spandex knit with NINJAS!! from Crafty Mamas. I have come to the conclusion that as the sizes get bigger in this, my favourite Ottobre 'Best t-shirts' pattern, the neck bands get a bit tighter, especially if you use spandex knit, and I've ended up with a bit of scrunching up around the neckline. So I should make them a bit longer in future.


 I blogged about my Grainline Alder dress at The Drapery, but suffice to say I love, love love it and am wearing it again right now, which is at least the 3rd day in the last week (less than?) since I finished it. Yes, it has been washed :)

Lastly, lest this end up in unfinished-draft-land, here are some photos from a weekend that Andy and I had in Melbourne, without children. Yes. I tagged along on a work thing he was there for. We ate a lot, walked a lot, saw some children's theatre (work) and saw this utterly gorgeous 'Golden Mirror Carousel' at the National Gallery of Victoria. It turns super-slowly and silently and the seats gently sway and the whole thing was quite magical.

So there. That's a bit of stuff from lately! If you have read this far, may your week be filled with golden mirror-ness :)

- Jane x

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The big dog photo post, to get it out of my system, before we resume normal programming

Looking back through my photos of the past month or so, one thing dominates. This furry beast who has brought so much joy to our family. 
Well, everyone except for the cat. Elodie is not happy about Skylar. Still not happy. But I think she's just going to have to suck it up.

I made Skylar another coat out of knit fabrics... it turned out a bit big and floppy. It keeps her warm but Andy calls it 'her nightie' and insists it will never leave the house.
 She also likes to 'wear' this crocheted rug and will happily cruise the house in it.
 She helps me with sewing.
I fully realise not everyone will be as besotted with our dog as we are. I think my parents find her vaguely annoying. I don't always like other people's dogs. It's okay. But I have to do this doggy bloggy post because Skylar is making me - all of us -  very happy right now.

Andy loves her so much he was inspired to make her a toy: this felt bone (with bonus meaty bits). I did the sewing but he did all the rest. He said 'Now I can throw her a frick'n bone every morning'... so this has henceforth been known as 'the frick'n bone'.

 Skylar likes the frick'n bone.

Below is the photo I sent to the Dog and Cat Management Board to go on her official Green Collar card, which shows that she has passed her Green Collar test and is allowed to walk in public without a muzzle on. Hooray! No more face cage or coat with 'L-plates'. Look at those little whiskers! Good lord, I could eat her up.

Such a sweetie.

Clem quote: "I want to marry my dog!"
Charlie quote: "How did I survive for 13 years without a dog?"

Okay, enough now. Time to press 'publish' and go to bed.

- Jane x

Monday, August 25, 2014

I have a girl to sew for!

Okay, so she may be on the furry, four-legged side of girliness. But that won't be stopping me.
 This is Skylar (in handmade reversible coat and linen cowl, ahem). We picked her up on Friday afternoon from GAP - the Greyhound Adoption Program of SA - through their Foster to Adopt program. We've never had a dog before and it could have been dicey introducing one to our cat and chickens, so this was a kind of try-before-you-buy option.
 But heck, she's going nowhere.
Except back on her lovely cushion with Andy's slippers that she stole from the bedroom.
Skylar is 16 months old and was bred to race, but was apparently never interested. She's not very interested in chasing our cat or chickens either, yay! In fact Elodie the cat had her bailed up in Charlie and Jasper's bedroom last night, and Skylar was trying to hide her head in a drawer and pretend she wasn't there while waiting for her people to come and rescue her.
 Greyhounds evidently make fabulous pets. I've been campaigning the family for one for some years. Finally it seemed like the right time. On top of all the other fabulous things about these dogs, they have very little body fat and therefore actually need doggy coats and such loveliness. What fun! I traced a basic pattern off the L-Plate 'greyhound pet in training' walking jacket that came along with her as part of the fostering process and I'm sure I'll tweak the pattern in future.
Welcome to our family, Skylar!

- Jane x

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Does my butt look tall in this?

Oh yes, you can bet I've had that post title in mind since before I even cut into this fabric. (Surely I am not the only person who composes blog posts in my head during the making process?)

I'm not normally an animal print person but giraffe print? I don't know, there was just something silly about it that I couldn't resist. I'm really hoping it says 'this is a fun skirt that is not taking itself at all seriously' rather than 'I'm trying to make some sort of animal print/sexy beast connection'. Plus, it's really lovely mid-weight cotton by Sevenberry of Japan, and it charmingly said 'Made by Japan' on the selvedge. Thank you, Japan!
This is, of course, another Grainline Moss skirt. I had put the fabric aside a while back with the idea of making shorts for one of my boys. However neither of the big boys seemed too keen and Clem, at the time, had plenty of shorts. And so it sat... until after I'd made my woodgrain Moss and had worn it so much I felt there was room in my wardrobe for one more.

A friend bought some of this fabric some months back and told me she'd made herself a skirt from it so there are two giraffe skirts 'in the wild' in Adelaide. Yay! I hope she doesn't mind me being a bit of a copycat.

Once again, love this pattern, hate the process of putting in the zip fly. Still. Managed it all fine this time except for the last part of attaching the facing/guard thingummy, which has the overlocked edge facing outwards instead of the neat-looking folded edge. I didn't realise this until I had the waistband on and it was all too late. It's totally hidden from the outside of the garment so only bothers me. But I later noticed that the diagram in the instructions has it shown around this (incorrect) way, although the written instructions say the right thing. I don't know if this has been corrected in the pattern since.

Nevertheless, I'm quite delighted with this and it is joining my other two Moss skirts on high rotation.

- Jane x

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Deer and Doe Datura

I will be posting this make in more detail on The Drapery's blog soon, but I'm so pleased with how this turned out that I can't resist posting it here first. I'm a bit in love with Deer and Doe patterns right now... you know when you find a pattern company whose designs really appeal and they seem to fit just right? Yep, it's a rare thing so I'm going with it. Don't be surprised if there's more Deer and Doe from me in future.

The Facts:
Pattern: Deer and Doe Datura Blouse, View A
Fabric: Anna Maria Horner cotton voile, a leftover in my stash (yoke lining is from an old white cotton baby bedsheet)
Notions: wee bit of light interfacing in the neckline bias, 4 buttons from my big tin-o'-buttons
Size: 42
Alterations: none for fit, but I added an extra button at the back (pattern only calls for the top 3)

Technically, the bust darts sit a bit too high on me. But I am delighted with the fit and would worry about messing with that if I tried moving them.

We had some beautiful winter sunshine today so grabbed the opportunity for these photos, but in reality it's way too cold here for this floaty sleeveless top right now! But before we know it the mercury will be at uncomfortable highs again so that is not a complaint. See you soon, Datura!

Oh and because I have a hard time posting only serious garment photos on my blog, here's the 'looking at her pigeon-toed feet' blogger/garment model pose, just for fun:
Hmm, don't think I'm getting it quite right there, because that has to be the most unflattering angle possible for my thighs, haha!

- Jane x

Saturday, July 19, 2014

this moment

{this moment} ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. (joining with SouleMama)

- Jane x

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mossy Wood... Woody Moss?

I wear my denim version of the Grainline Moss skirt all the time. Like, about three times a week in all weather. So, it made total sense to make another. And ever since I saw the sample of this Kokka woodgrain fabric that we ordered in for The Drapery, I had been imagining this.

 It's a mid-weight 100% cotton, very stable, and ideal for the Moss. It's a little bit silly, but not too kooky for fun everyday wear (in my opinion, anyway!). I was pushed along in my desire to make this when I saw this awesome best-Moss-ever.
 The fabric looked like just a straight woodgrain until we unfolded the sample and saw that along one edge, it has these crosscut sections lined up. We had a good giggle thinking about the placement possibilities of these circles in a dress. But for the sake of an actual wearable garment, I decided against a couple of big circles on my butt or whatever, and just popped a couple of slices in the pockets and around the waistband.
 Inside the pockets, I used some scraps of Nani Iro brushed cotton, which is so cosy to tuck my hands into!
Apologies for the unspectacular-other-clothes-and-hair styling but on a Sunday morning, this is, honestly, better than it usually gets.

As per my denim Moss, this is a straight size 14, made in the 'mini' version without the band around the bottom, but with a couple of inches extra length.

I had a helluva time putting in the zip fly on this one, and really should have gone straight to the online photo tutorial on the Grainline blog. But, having done it before, I thought I'd be fine and followed the written instructions. Sorta. Got my left mixed up with my right, misinterpreted a diagram... basically sewed the thing on three different kinds of wrong with unpicking in between. But I got there. I felt like I should make another five zip flies in a row to cement the technique in my head but that would be simply annoying. Until next time, zip fly.

- Jane x
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