Sunday, April 10, 2011

so many shrooms!

That was Clem's excited shriek when he saw me making this top.
I'm a bit of a 'fraidy-cat about sewing with knits. And it's not often I see knit fabrics that inspire me. However I've been eyeing off these Hilco Campan (striped) knits for a while, and then I saw the Hilco mushrooms. Gotta try. Especially while I still have a boy small enough to get away with such cuteness.
I bought 50cm of each of each of these from here, and this pattern.
The fabric was enough to make two tops (reversing the body/sleeve fabric combo) and there's even a bit left over. I used the 104cm size which I'd call a 3-4, and the pattern goes up to sizes big enough to fit all my boys. Heck, maybe even me... I'm only 163cm!
My old machine doesn't have a specific 'stretch' stitch so I went with a 3-step zigzag for the hems (overlocker/serger for all the seams). The zigzag isn't the most professional look but I think it's okay on a busy top like this.
I went with the more fitted version of the pattern because that shape seems to suit my boys more. I wondered if it might look a bit 'girly', when it's on it just looks nice and snuggly.
In fact I can't stop hugging this little man while he's wearing these. With his big eyes and curls, yeah, I'm a total sucker. I'd let him get away with almost anything. Except pulling the whole roll of toilet paper out on the floor. Classic 3y.o., hey.

- Jane x


  1. Wow! I am so impressed at how it came out. The fit is great and the fabrics are so cute! And your little one...well, he just looks adorable!

  2. Thanks Carolyn :-) I'm so inspired I went and ordered a bunch more of the Hilco knits to make these tops as PJs tops for my bigger boys. Maybe PJ legs, too if I end up with enough fabric. It's not cheap ($30/m, ahem) but I am so excited about the results I thought I'd stick with what's working! Of course I could go and buy them some mass-made PJs for a heap less but where's the fun and huggable cuteness in that?


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