Monday, April 4, 2011

la la love

I don't see myself as a quilter really, but what to do with all the beautiful fabric scraps I'm accumulating?
Okay, just one little quilt. See how it goes. Is this the thin end of the quilting wedge?
see my little helper's chenille-clad leg?
In a fabric order from here, I received a 'free un-pattern' for their 'La La Log Cabin' quilt. I'm not following it exactly, but using the basic idea. And it's kind of addictive.
Cutting mat, to machine, to ironing board, back to cutting mat.
the pattern encourages the use of different textures, so here we have gauze, voile, linen, linen/cotton and flannelette
Play about, see what fits, what looks right. Very little planning. Slicing away at all angles. A vague colour scheme. And using up some of my favourite weeny pieces. I'm loving the process.
the centre is a stunning Liberty tana lawn I bought on eBay and used to make a beautiful little top for Clem, which of course he is not particularly fond of

Six blocks so far, I'm thinking maybe 25, which they say will make a throw-size. Might put sashing in between for better definition between the blocks?
A bit of AMH, Liberty, Nani Iro, Heather Ross
It remains to be seen whether I am still so enthusiastic when it comes to the actual quilting part. Besides, how would you quilt such random shapes? Maybe this will be an all-winter-long hand quilting by the fire project. Does that make me sound old, or just crazy-crafty, or both?

- Jane x


  1. Uh-oh, quilting is a slippery slope. When I first started sewing I had no interest in it whatsoever and now we have quilts busting out of every closet! I love your the different textures. And that is my favorite type of block to make. One where you don't have to think too much, just go with the flow and enjoy the process. And it's perfect for little scraps!

  2. A slippery slope - so I fear! Andy is torn between terror (my wife is quilting?) and envy (I want me a hobby like that!). I just made another two blocks today while Clem's been napping....

  3. I love it!! I vote for sashing, btw.

    So my problem is that I'm addicted to making quilt TOPS. But after that ... uh ...


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