Sunday, April 17, 2011

there's an earwhack in my sink

Did you ever read this?
It was one of my favourites and I was reminded of it today. Clem, he who brought us the alphabet as "H I J K lempo bee", believes a cotton bud (Q-tip?) is called an "earwhack". Two would be "earwhacks" (earwax).
Don't you love those little things they hear and interpret in their own way? Until quite recently our almost-ten-year-old thought fingers were "thingers".
Anyway, while I was looking the other way, Clem popped an "earwhack" down the bathroom sink. Not particularly looking forward to the plumbing repercussions of that. Oh well, at least there's not a Noothgrush on my toothbrush.
In sewing news, the big boys decided they needed pyjamas in the style of Clem's mushrooms-and-stripes tops. I gleefully seized the opportunity to purchase a bunch more fabric.
Then I spilt coffee over it all.
Then I washed that out.
Then I made these.
I asked Charlie to demonstrate some taekwondo
(please excuse back corner of photo, which is where christmas trees go to die and become kindling)
then Clem wanted to learn some moves
and Jasper is just a natural poser
Really should do something about that grass some day.

- Jane x


  1. I love the jammies, and the handsome models!

  2. They are adorable and look so it weird that I want to wear some?


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