Friday, April 22, 2011

aw, shucks

Why, thanks KC of The Sewcratic Method! My first blogging award, and I guess a good way to disclose some useless information about myself, and pass on the love. Kind of a blogging chain letter.

We did an extension on our house a few years back and our builders were called "All That And More," only in typical builder style, they were rather not, and we ended up calling them "Some of That And Less". Nevertheless, us bloggers, we are indeed all that, and we don't bugger up the actual cement slab that's holding everything up in the first place now, do we?

1. what size shoe do you wear? if you wear a size 7, can i borrow your shoes?
Is it dreadful that I live in Australia but only really know my European shoe size, which is a 38 - 39? It's not that I have extravagant taste in shoes... if I had to describe my general footwear style it would be 'flat and clompy'. The last shoes I bought were these below except in a dark red. See what I mean?

2. 30's or 60's?
60s. It was just before I was born, which always seems to make a decade seem exotic and cool, doesn't it?

3. have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have?
You know, I don't think I actually have, well, I mean, a few unwise choices for sure but nothing really illicit. Dull, huh.
4. have you ever been poisoned? was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed? that is awesomely "knot's landing."
Only moderate alcohol poisoning, and entirely self-inflicted.

5. who's on your "celebrity free pass" list (top 5)?
I actually had to Google this to see what it meant, and apparently it's someone you'd have an evening of lerrrve with, if you had a 'free pass' not to get in trouble with your partner.
This is tough. I don't have nearly as many celebrity crushes as I used to. Hmmn. In no particular order:

David Tennant
Justin Timberlake (I know, sad)
Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood in the BBC series, except not after he felt the need to bulk up
Harrison Ford about 20 years ago
Adam Hills (Aussie comedian/TV host)

Okay so now I am meant to pass this award on to five people... except being a reasonably new blogger, I don't know for sure that five people will even read this... or that I 'know' 5 other bloggers yet!

If you're reading (is that how this works?), I would love to pass this on to:

Chika from Blah Blah Blah
Suellen of Sew Indigo
Inder-ific of Inder Loves Folk Art

I know that's only 4. My other 'follower' is KC who nominated me! My dear followers. You ARE all that!

- Jane x


  1. I bet those boots look great in red! I tried to pick blogs I like who had fewer followers than mine so I could maybe give you a bump, but I have so few followers it was pretty hard to do!

    I'm still laughing about the "ear whack".

  2. I loved reading your answers...too funny!


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