Monday, June 6, 2011

Most overdue post ever

Several thousand years ago, I participated in the Men's Shirt Sewalong at Male Pattern Boldness. I made all sorts of rash promises, like making a final shirt in Liberty Tana Lawn.
I made a muslin.
I made a test garment, which has been worn a couple of times.
Then I made the (final shirt? second test?), but not in the Liberty. I finished this three months ago.
At last I have persuaded Andy into the shirt in photo-worthy light.
check that pattern matching! there is even a pocket on there... can you spot it?
I'm pleased with it. After the photos, he took it off and changed into something else.
Folks, unless this one sees some significant airplay, the Liberty will not become an Andy shirt.
To be fair, the Colette Negroni pattern I used is seems best on tall, lanky body types. I made significant fit adjustments but I think a different pattern altogether would be a better solution. Eh, but to be honest, I should stick to sewing him things he actually asks for.
Now, back to sewing clothes for people too young to make their own decisions....
I did make another top after the neck band debacle, and I will send both for my friend's baby boy's future wardrobe.
Thanks to my cooperative plant-model.

- Jane x


  1. Jane, that shirt looks amazing! I am so impressed with your skill and the fact that you got the pattern to match up perfectly. I looks really great on him! (now go tell him he better wear it!)

  2. Beautiful work on the shirt! Worth waiting for. I still have the uncut fabric for DH's, having completed the muslin successfully months ago.

  3. Great shirt! And perfect pattern matching. I'm just polishing off a test run of this shirt (buttonholes to go. Groan) for my partner. And guess what the final shirt is set to be made in? Yup, he wants a Liberty print shirt for our wedding. In 6 weeks. Better get back to the sewing machine...

  4. Thanks all! Jo - yikes... Liberty, for your wedding... so much pressure for it to be perfect! However, at least it is his own request so more likelihood he will love it! I hope you blog about the results :-)

  5. It's an amazing shirt!! You've done well. Too bad he doesn't love it as much as we do, that pesky independent thinking! Back to sewing for children/plants, huh? I hear ya. My husband would love another shirt (pursuant to very specific, creativity-destroying specifications of course), better get to that. Sewing shirts is a lot of work!

  6. Oh yeah, Inder, so much work and I understand about the creativity destroying specs... quite some time ago Andy bought some black fine corduroy in the hopes I would make him a shirt out of it, but where's the fun in black cord? However, he would probably wear it to death :(

  7. Beautiful work Jane. And it looks great on Andy. He should be proud to wear such a fine garment. xx

  8. That shirt rules! I love the perfect pattern placement. I think he should wear it once a week at least!


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