Friday, June 17, 2011

Uh oh, it really is good

Have you ever tried one of those microwave 'cake in a mug' recipes? I'd seen them doing the rounds but never felt that desperately in need of a single-serve fix. (In my family of five, cakes want to be fairly big.)
Until tonight.
Really cold outside. Fire going. Friday night. Bottle of sparkling red consumed. Andy threw together spectacular bacon-pumpkin-spinach sandwiches. Hmm. Dessert...?
Googled 'microwave pudding in a cup'.
The intro to this recipe got me. Not promising miracles but a satisfying 'fix' when the situation demands it.

It's really good. And frighteningly fast and easy. Lucky I'm wearing that elastic-waisted skirt.
Seriously. I would serve this at a dinner party.
Our microwave no longer does anything less than full-blast and I zapped these for one minute each. I'd recommend staying on the underdone-side. Gooey at the bottom is good.
I mixed it up in a mixing bowl then divided between two mugs.
Andy wondered if we could have a themed dinner party with other courses of microwaved or similar 'novelty cooking' foods. Any suggestions?
- Jane x


  1. That's so funny b/c I just googled the same thing the other night because I was craving warm, gooey chocolate cake. In the end though I chickened out b/c all the recipes I looked at had pretty mixed reviews (I ended up just making brownies instead...I wasn't going to stop until I got my chocolate!). I may just have to try this out though b/c yours sound delicious!

  2. Yes, sometimes baking has to be done! I forgot to add, next time I would use a bit less sugar because by the bottom of the cup we were a bit sugared-out. We happened to have good quality cocoa and choc chips in the house, which may have helped the outcome. But honestly these were frighteningly good!


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