Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mid-level fails. What do you do?

When do you tend to make sewing stuff-ups?
When sewing from a brand new pattern?
Or when repeating something you've made before?
Here I present fine examples of both.

First up, we have over-confidence with a tried'n'true pattern and fabric.
Making the smallest size of this Ottobre pattern as a gift for a friend with a new baby boy. The top is probably around 18 months - 2 years size... I figure you get so much newborn stuff, this might be more useful. Besides, by the time I am happy with it, the wee one might be leaving home.
This is the neck band. Quite apart from the fact that I accidentally began sewing it to the armhole, I did a less than perfect job of lining up the join at the shoulder seam. Then mangled it further when sewing down the seam for a clean finish. Missed the seam, unpicked, damaged the fabric. Tried to hand-sew it into shape. Blah.
If it was for my kid I'd shrug and be happy enough.
But this is a gift, and it's not good enough.
I tried to figure out some small embellishment that might cover it, but I might just make it worse.
I'm thinking of perhaps making another entire one and sending both - the imperfect and (I hope) perfect.

What would you do? Do you have different standards for yourself and things you give?

Speaking of standards for self... here's a sow's-ear-from-silk-purse that I will nevertheless probably use to death.
Recipe: take some delightful fabric scraps from other projects, a lovely piece of wool, a fabulous vintage glass button and a great pattern.
Mix haphazardly. Turn gorgeous ingredients into something pretty much ugly.

Pattern is Makeup Roll from Stitched in Colour (pdf download). It's a great pattern, really well put together. There are a number of pocket options for your own various bits & pieces. It came together smoothly. The result is very useful.
Nice, if I'd put any thought whatsoever into fabric coordination.
What sort of face do you think I'm going to put on after looking at that mash-up?

Onwards and upwards.

- Jane x


  1. And that is why making stuff for other people always stresses me out. If something is for me, I can live with all the mistakes. If it's for someone else, I always stress that they're going to look at what I made and think "man, that's a crappy job."

  2. This made me laugh so hard! I'm not sure I've ever sewed anything without quite a few mistakes, it makes me happy to know I'm not the only one!

  3. If you're anything like me trying to fix up an "oops" will only make it worse and more obvious. And you'll always know about it. Chances are your friend will love it anyway!
    Love the makeup roll btw.

  4. My standards for myself are WAY lower than for others. I don't mind my mistakes! It looks to me like your makeup roll has lovely workmanship, if a bit unusual fabric choices. The button on the outside is very special.


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