Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The adventures of three Witchards

I mentioned that after making Clem's Witchard cape, my other boys wanted them too.
Jasper got a size Large in purple and black.
Charlie requested red and black (for Gryffindor, Harry Potter's school house). I made his a bit longer at the back but otherwise followed the pattern just the same.
We went walking up at my parents' bush block on the weekend, which seemed the ideal location to bust out the Witchard capes. There were wands everywhere.


Expecto Patronum!

Wingardium Leviosa!

not Witchards, but I love these tiny sundews - carnivorous plants - that come up every winter

These Witchards had a magical time.
Oh, and then Clem got tired, and cold and whingy, and I had tried to pack him warmer clothes but forgotten the bag, and we went home and he whinged all the way.
Being a Witchard isn't all good, you know.

- Jane x


  1. Oh, this does look magical! I just made my first project from this book - leggings, too big. Ah well. When will I learn that Joe is a 2T, not a 3T?

  2. Thanks :-) Yeah it's a pretty magical place up there, a lot of untouched native bushland. Inder, at least you made the leggings too big, so he can grow into them!

  3. Great photos that capture what looks like a great family day out. The boys capes are super magical!!

  4. Oh, how I love these pictures! They capture their spunk, their fun-loving nature, and the amazing relationship between your boys! They are gorgeous!


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