Sunday, June 19, 2011


Are you a wizard? Are you a magician?
My friendly Australia Post delivery man, Bob, brought my copy of 'Growing Up Sew Liberated' by Meg McElwee during the week. What a lovely book. Makes me (almost) wish my big boys weren't ten and very-nearly-nine, although that hasn't stopped them both immediately requesting their own versions of this 'Play Cape'.
(I finally had to ask Mr Australia Post Delivery his name, since he knows mine and uses it... often... when delivering my parcels. Bob's lovely, and he never questions the amount of stuff I obviously order online. Thanks, Bob.)
I made Clem the very very cute Reversible Hooded Play Cape from the book. It whips up in practically no time, so I'm thinking it might be a very good birthday present for little people.
It comes in two sizes, and this is the small.
The book calls for woven fabrics, but I had a bunch of this crushed velveteen (I think that's what you'd call it... you know... Goth fabric?) that a girl from work had given me. And it was just screaming 'magic cape' at me. So I'm here to tell you that stretchy crushed velveteen works very well for this pattern.

sure does!
The only adjustment I made, apart from sewing all seams with zigzag stitch (I didn't even have a ballpoint needle, since I used my Singer 319K which has a limited range of needles available), was to topstitch through the seam joining hood to cape body, from the outside, through all layers. Given the slightly slippery, heavy nature of the fabric, I thought this would help it all sit properly.
vampire? the possibilities are endless

Okay. Off to do cool witchard shit now, Mama.

- Jane x


  1. I just bit the bullet and ordered this book yesterday! Just too many cute projects, all over the internet. I knew the library wasn't going to cut it for this one (and they don't usually stock sewing books with full-sized patterns). :-)

  2. Those pictures are both hilarious and amazing...I love them!
    And that is definitely the perfect fabric for a witchard cape!

  3. Perfect fabric and stellar action shots! I love it!


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