Sunday, June 12, 2011

Folklore-Rock? Those crazy Danish.

This Farbenmix Valeska 'Folklore-Rock' pattern came from a favourite online store (Australian store, I must add!). I love their selection of fabrics and patterns, and they ship lightning-fast. I'd been tempted by this skirt pattern for a while, despite its wacky name.

I'd had this gorgeous Anna Maria Horner velveteen for some months.  (Not purchased from Australia, ahem.)

I was intending on making a second 'Proper Attire Skirt" (AMH pattern) with it. I made a denim one (pre-blog), which I love, but it's a bit big and the idea of tracing off another size was uninspiring. You'd think I'd have learnt then, from that experience, that I'm really a size M, not an L. But I don't know, maybe I measure too loose or err on the side of 'I can always make it smaller but not bigger'... I cut a size L in this new pattern. And had to take in in considerably. I guess that's good news really.
feeling silly posing while Charlie takes photos
just act natural
 I made the top, too. I tried tracing an existing top that I love. Word of warning: raglan sleeves are really hard to trace. The neckline ended up far too wide and a bit low, so I added the neck band and fiddled with shoulder seams... it's fine for around the house but you know, I should probably just go buy a pattern.
 I shirred the sleeves because I was liking them over-long but couldn't think how else to finish them. The fabric is some lovely soft organic cotton jersey from another drool-worthy Aussie online store, and was surprisingly inexpensive. I bought a metre to try it out and will definitely be back for more - it comes in loads of lovely colours.
Here are some more details on the skirt.
Cute little gathers, which would come across better in a plain fabric. Also, some got sliced off when I reduced the size. Oh and pockets, an essential. Also reduced by downsizing.
I lined the waistband in a fine cotton (lawn?) rather than the velveteen to reduce bulk.
The pattern calls for elastic through the whole waistband, which is a relic I think of its origin as a kid's skirt pattern that was upsized. Elastic waists are sure comfy but not the most flattering. I only did the back as elastic, and if I made this again, I'd narrow the waist down more, lose the elastic and put in a zip. Having no waist to speak of, I can do without extra pouffiness in that area.
It feels good to have a couple of new things in my wardrobe, and to have ticked two items off my 'to sew' list. I can feel more organic jersey tops coming on.

- Jane x


  1. That is a hilarious name for a pattern! But an amazing skirt. I love the pockets and the gathers and you are ingenius for just putting the elastic in the back. That definitely makes it look like more of a "grown up" skirt! Just lovely!
    (oh, and I love seeing a picture of you!)

  2. Folklore-ROCK!!! You have to hold up your lighter while you say it.

    Let me know if you find a good raglan top pattern! I've been coveting Joe's cute baseball tops. I think Wendy Mullin's Sew U Stretch book might have a pattern for a raglan sleeve top that you can modify. Now that I'm thinking about sewing more knits, I was eyeing it recently. The good thing about that book is that it also has a basic t-shirt and other patterns too.

  3. Carolyn - I was a bit nervous about posting the full-view-of-self shots so thanks for the kind words!
    Inder - I have that Sew U Stretch book... somewhere... think I may have lent it to a friend. It does have a raglan pattern and I'm intent on tracking it down... stay tuned! I did try the regular t-shirt pattern once, ages ago (in size M, a perfect fit haha!). It was good, altho' my skills were pretty dodgy back then so I need to give it another whirl.

  4. I love the fabric you used for the skirt and the whole outfit looks great on you!


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