Thursday, January 27, 2011

Negroni sew-along plans + gratuitous kitty shot

For me, the scariest part of the Male Pattern Boldness shirt sew-along is "will he actually wear it"?

I'm talking about my husband who is quite excited about this project, but is notorious for picking one or two things in his wardrobe and wearing them to death, while everything else languishes unloved.

I bought this Liberty tana lawn (yeah, that again) on eBay without a specific project in mind. But it was beautiful, I think there's 3 metres of it, and it was going for a very reasonable price.

I was sort of thinking dress for me. I showed it to Andy as a potential candidate for the Negroni. "Yeah, I like it," he said. Oh. However, it does save a potentially long and frustrating search for just the right fabric. And he has mentioned quite a few times how much he is loving his tana lawn pyjama pants. Yes, love of my life, take this exquisite fabric, and keep up the encouraging comments.

He's opted for the long-sleeved version. Not sure whether we'll go with the two pockets and pocket flaps yet. Any thoughts? This fabric might be better unadorned, or, the pockets might give it a casual touch that relieves the formality of the print.

I'm also hoping to add a collar stand as per Peter's pending instructions. Andy finds the collar-with-stand a better look on him. He's also requested, and I think I can manage, tabs inside the sleeves that button up when you roll the sleeves up. Do you know what I mean? Do those things have names?

I'm very keen to get started. Oh and here's the gratuitous kitty shot. Don't cats just love walking all over fabric that you're trying to do something with? Not her best angle. (Devon Rex, in case you're wondering.)


  1. Great fabric. Should look great in a shirt. i would include the pockets and any other features to make it mannish. Looking forward to the final result.

  2. Thanks! Good point about the pockets making it more blokey. Might increase its likelihood of being actually worn!

  3. Did you drape him in the fabric and force him to look in the mirror and then say he wants it? It doesn't strike me as a dude shirt.

    Making pockets and flaps match precisely is a pita, but I suppose with a busy print you can get away with more... Hmmm...

  4. Haha, Steph, yes I did make him drape himself in it and have a good hard look at himself. And it's been hanging around in the living room for further contemplation. It is a departure from his usual plaid or plain black style but his work wardrobe has needed to become dressier lately and he seems set on it. He works in the arts, I guess it's a more forgiving environment!


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