Thursday, January 13, 2011

Japanese pattern + Japanese fabric = love

A friend and I have been swapping Japanese pattern books. I had this Nani Iro double gauze fabric I'd bought as a remnant. I just can't resist 'rescuing' those poor, unloved roll ends at bargain prices.

There was just enough to make up this shirt from Pochee Spring 2010, and I think the texture of the double gauze works beautifully. Plus, the floral helps stop it from looking too clown-like. I hope.

I suppose I should have ironed it.

The sleeves were meant to be longer and gathered into a bias strip finish, but I ran out of fabric and liked the open ends. Ooh look, here it is actually on my body. Not game enough to show face yet ;)

The Nani Iro double gauze prints go right up to the edge. This is great in that you can use the selvedge on sleeve ends etc. However, you can end up with a bit of unintentional branding.

It's kind of loose and vaguely maternity-like, so I'll be recommending the pattern to my friend whose book this comes from, since she actually is currently gestating.

If I made it again I'd definitely shorten the front (what do you call it?) slit part. I did shorten it a bit but it's still too peek-a-boobie to wear without a singlet underneath. Those waif-like Japanese models in the books make layering look so chic but I could do without the extra pouff-factor.

Sorry the photos are still so dark. Will work on that.


  1. oh, i am in love with that fabric. your blouse came out so beautifully! i'm always trying to get my mom to send me craft books from japan, but we have such different taste that the ones she brings are usually not exactly what i was hoping for. i'll have to request pochee. thanks!

  2. Love the fabric, the top looks great. Share your enthusiasm for Japanese patterns books and also your reservations about the laying. Extra pouff-factor not required her either.

  3. Lovely blouse. I've just got my first Japanese pattern book and like you, had to rescue some double gauze! The sizing is very petite though, I may just be able to squeeze myself into their largest giant size. The books are beautiful to look at though aren't they? I could spend hours just looking at the gorgeous clothes and even more gorgeous fabrics they're made from! x


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