Sunday, January 9, 2011

MPB Negroni sew-along - I'm in!

Peter at Male Pattern Boldness is hosting a sew-along for the men's shirt pattern I wanted to try anyway, the Colette Negroni.

Yay! I've just ordered the pattern. The sew-along doesn't start for a few weeks so there's plenty of time to think about fabrics (that I'm excited to sew with and Andy might actually wear... a tricky combination).

I have made one men's shirt before and it turned out okay. Andy has even worn it a few times.... Trouble is, it was before I learnt to trace patterns off, and I cut out size L, which matched A's measurements. However, a quick pin-together showed it was enormous, so I had to try to cut the pattern pieces down to size M. But then I'd lost the little overlapping parts of the pattern, where the M pieces went outside the L ones. So, the shoulders and yoke didn't go together quite as neatly as they should have, and I've really ruined that pattern for future use. Oh well, lesson learnt!

Peter has created a cute button thingo for participants to put on their blogs, but as a total novice blogger I can't work out how to use it. Anyone reading, and able to help this techno-phobe?

In other sewing news, I have two (successful!) finished garments I need to photograph and write about. Back soon!


  1. If I rememebr right, the way to add buttons is the go to the 'design' tab on your dashboard, and add a new widget in your sidebar - an HTML/Javascript widget. What you put in the big empty typing space is the code on the button-maker's - Peter's in this instance - site.

    So on his sidebar is the button, then under that is a smaller button with a little box of code under it. Copy the code, paste it in an HTML/Javascript widget in your sidebar, and it should be displayed for all to see!

    (I wish my husband was up for me making him a shirt. I'll have to make do with clothing myself and the kids for the time being.)

  2. Sarah, thanks so much, it worked! I was trying something similar, but in the 'add your own' or something instead of the html/javascript one.
    I'm not holding out too many hopes for A actually wearing this shirt much. He's very fussy... tends to buy shirts and jeans that look exactly the same, over and over!
    Sewing for kids is good though because you don't 'risk' such large quantities of fabric. Maybe I'll get A to buy his own shirt fabric, so he has more of an investment in the project from the start.

  3. Oh, you're a good husband is still complaining how I've never made him anything besides hats and gloves.


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