Friday, October 26, 2012

Linen Washi Dress

I have joined the Washi Dress party. Whoohoo! I love it.
Only 'on the hanger' photos at the moment since Andy (photography slave) has been away most of the week and in any case, the weather has decided to put me back in cardies and boots for now.

The details:
Pattern: Made by Rae Washi Dress (let's not talk about the amount I spent on new ink for our printer so I could see all the sizes in their pretty colours).
Size: L (I muslined the bodice as suggested and it needed no alterations. No alts = yay! Size L = get over yourself, me.)
Fabric: luscious, lovely Lithuanian linen that my mum brought back from an overseas holiday.

The half-metre of the patterned linen she gave me was just enough for the bodice front and back. Perfect!
And oh how I love the wrinkly, nubbly, fibrous nature of the main natural linen fabric. In these pictures the dress has been worn, washed and ironed and I can tell it will develop a beautifully lived-in feel. I think I'm going to live in this over summer.
The back of the dress is usually cut as one piece (bodice and skirt together). Because I ended up with a fairly chunky seam where the two fabrics joined, I thought the usual elastic shirring might not be strong enough to gather it up. So I used 1/4 inch elastic instead, zigzagged onto the inside by feeding it through the machine foot and stretching a little as I went:

Three rows of elastic and happy days.

I am usually not a fan of facings but the ones (neck only) on this pattern are substantial and purposeful and add structure just where it's needed. I also chose the neat option of stitching them down from the outside. I was able to do this by feeling through the bodice with my fingers as I guided the fabric under the presser foot. So there's nothing flapping about or flipping out and I think the contrast fabric facing gives the dress a lovely finished look.

I will try for some dress-in-action photos soon!

- Jane x


  1. Ooooo, that is gorgeous! What beautiful patterned linen! Look forward to seeing photos of it on you.

  2. Gorgeous. You make beautiful dresses. I've never made one, but think I might have a go this summer and make one for my girl. Linen looks beautiful. Cx

  3. Lovely! I've never seen patterned linen before, it's gorgeous!

  4. Oh, yes, need modeled shots please!
    Love the way you did the elastic - may try it when I finally get around to making this (I never have any luck with shirring)
    (& I was sneaky and got my husband to print it at work for me!)

  5. Great dress. I just finished my second washi this week. I LOVE IT. Such a great pattern. I like your version very much.

  6. That's really pretty and I love the fabric

  7. Good God, Jane! This has to be one of my favorite was his (and you know that there are a lot to choose from...). I am in love the linen fabric combo! Serious love. It looks gorgeous. But I want to see it on you! Put Andy back to work as your photography slave!

  8. Thank you everyone - 'in action' photos coming soon I promise!

  9. It's stunning! I love the way you shirred the back, too - an easy and practical solution.

  10. I love this Jane - and the action shots in your next post are great - it look so cool and comfortable but classy too. Very , very nice.


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