Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a tribute on the smallest's 5th birthday

Whew, it's only Tuesday and it's been quite a week already.
Daylight saving began on Sunday.
Monday was Clem's first ever day at school, so we not only had to get everyone up, organised and out, it was also an hour earlier.
He had a great day.
Today he is five. At 5.38am this morning he shouted "birthday!" in delight.
Despite the early awakening we still managed to be a little late for school.
Everyone has a bit of adjusting to do with this new routine and nerves will be (have been) a little frayed.
But I would like to repeat the wisdom of my wonderful, patient, clever, dear husband, uttered at just the right moment this morning:
"Life's a pain in the ass, but I wouldn't want to be doing it with anyone but you."

Back at ya, babe.

- Jane x


  1. Aww... Happy birthday little man!

    Are you as thrilled about daylight savings as I am? My children are STILL ASLEEP when my 6am alarm goes off! Its brilliant!

  2. Happy Birthday Clem! I have daylight savings envy, and wish we had it in Brisbane too.

  3. Happy Birthday Clem - what a week it's been for you all - I hope it's a great day, and gosh he's a cutie Jane. *ahem, I wasn't checking out your husband, I meant Clem...*! (though I am sure he's lovely as well!

  4. So sweet! A very happy birthday to Clem. I adore that picture!

  5. Cute photo! Clem looks a lot like his daddy I think.

  6. Happy birthday Clement! I love Andy's quote of the day - that is awesome, and quite touching really. :-)

  7. Happy birthday Clem! Hope his first week of school was good :-)
    We've had a shocker this week with daylight savings too - we managed to be late for school for the WHOLE week!

    1. Urgh, hasn't it been a pain?! But the lighter evenings are starting to make up for it. We'll get there :)

  8. Happy Birthday to Clem - I hope he's enjoying school, scary when the last one 'goes' isn't it? Bethx


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