Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC - beetle tee

I really wanted to take part in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge this time. I didn't sign up last time and then I felt a bit left out when I saw the awesomeness everyone else was posting on their blogs.
This time, when I tried to put the KCWC button on my blog it wouldn't fit on the sidebar. Maybe I should have taken that as an omen. As I previously posted, it's been quite a week here. The hour-a-day of sewing thing hasn't been happening.
But today I managed this:
Pattern: Ottobre Best T-Shirts (skinny version)
Fabric: Farbenmix cotton/elastane jersey from Crafty Mamas
Beetle: iron-on velour from Crafty Mamas

Am I still allowed to call this a KCWC achievement if I haven't adhered to the rules? It was certainly inspired by KCWC. The volume and quality of garments being sewn out there is simply incredible.

How cool is that iron-on beetle? And it's fuzzy!

Okay so enough of the cool cropped photo stuff, let's see this kid enjoying his new t-shirt.
That's more like it.

- Jane x


  1. The beetle is very cool, but I really like the two widths of stripes, its kinda unexpected!

  2. Oh wow I LOVE this t-shirt! What's more, as an insect loving nerd as a kid, I would have loved this when I was 10! Would you mind if I make a similar one for my boy? I already have this wide stripe fabenmix fabric in my to-sew stash and I am loving the beetle transfer!

  3. That's one very cool tee. He's rockin' that beetle.

  4. Love the beetle. All your sewing Jane has made me resolve to get my sewing machine out after a long hibernation - fabric's bought, pattern found so I just need some time and concentration.

  5. Oh Jane I LOVE this. The combo of stripes and the fabulous velour - what a great shirt.
    I got no sewing done today either - but plan on a miserable day here tomorrow to get LOTS done!
    If it inspires or reminds you to go and sew a little then that's a good thing I think, and the overall aim of the event.

  6. I adore it! I love the slim fit, why do they make retail boys tees short and wide? And that beetle is totally rad!

  7. Great shirt! I've failed at the challenge too, so don't feel bad!

  8. I LOVE this tshirt Jane - and yes, think it qualifies!

  9. This is "Totally Rad!" as we say here in California (or used to, when I was his age)! "Bodacious!" Love it.


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