Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A dozen fertile Wyandotte eggs for our 'Broody Trudy'. She looked so very delighted, if ever a chicken did! We are so excited to be hatching another brood as we did last year.

And just one photo from Clem's birthday party, showing the cake. For the third time I made him a Miffy cake, by his request, except this time he wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing and the boys all decided it was Miffy's friend Aggie, the brown rabbit, instead.

Hooray for the beautiful simplicity of Dick Bruna drawings.

And, watch this space for fluffy chick pics in less than three weeks, eek!

- Jane x


  1. oh, a Miffy cake! I love Miffy (I still have my original books - getting rather old....!)

  2. Aww, happy (belated) birthday, Clem!

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  4. Happy birthday Clem!!! And I'm smiling at the image of your delighted "mother hen." She has reason to be proud - look at those gorgeous eggs! :-)

  5. I love that Clem chose a miffy cake :) Bethx


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