Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC - tee two with tie

Clem is having his birthday party at home tomorrow so I thought he would like a new t-shirt to wear. And because I bought a bunch of these coordinating Farbenmix knits (partly with a voucher I won from Crafty Mamas, lucky me), it's clearly in the same 'family' as Jasper's tee from yesterday.

Before I could take some decent photos of it there was food down the front but I don't think you can really pick it in these trampoline action photos, where Clem was willingly letting Jasper bounce right over the top of him, even though it was clearly unnerving.

(covered as usual in bandaids and temporary tattoos)
Pattern: Ottobre Best T-shirts, with bands added on the sleeves, calculated at .85 x circumference of sleeve ends so they pulled in a bit

Fabric: Farbenmix cotton/elastane jersey from Crafty Mamas (I cut the neck and sleeve bands from the wide stripe version of the red/turquoise knit)

Iron-on: another from Crafty Mamas

Tie tee is in the wash as I write, ready for party duty tomorrow!

- Jane x


  1. Fantastic photos ! No I can`t see any food ( and isn`t that the `function` of ties to catch food = actually I wonder really what ties are about ).Your children will have so much fun looking back at your blog when they grow up.

    1. Good question, ties are a bit of an oddity, aren't they? That something so completely non-functional has persisted so long. Somebody has probably written a thesis on it somewhere.

  2. I'm loving the iron-on beetle and tie - awesome. Great action photos, I hope Clem has a fab party. Bethx

  3. Love the tee - the arm bands look great - think you are the queen of this pattern!
    Hope the party is fab!

  4. The shirts you've made this week are fabulous. You've nailed the colour combinations and transfer design. So very very funky. I'd be bouncing too if my tees were as groovy as these.

  5. Thank you all! The party went very well but was quite exhausting for all concerned and as usual in the hustle and bustle we forgot to serve half the food we had organised. Looks like it's jelly frog pond for dessert tonight! Totally worth it all to see how happy it made Clem though. He said "I'm properly five now!".

  6. YIKES! The tees are excellent - and very Farbenmix - but I just wish that Clem would stick his tongue safely back in.

    He didn't need a tongue band aid did he?

  7. Aw, he's "properly five"!!! So cute! I love the t-shirt, and I love the tongue! And now I'm super curious about the function served by ties. There must be some purpose, right? Off to Wikipedia ... ;-)

  8. I winced just looking at these pictures! Eek!
    And Clem's face in the second to last picture is classic!


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