Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poppy Tunic the Second

Oh yes, I said there would be more and here is evidence. I think I cut out this Poppy Tunic while wearing my first.
This time in woven fabrics: a tweedy cotton blend I got from my local fabric shop maybe two years ago? I have a pinafore-type dress I've worn to death in a slightly lighter & greener version of this fabric. It rarely requires ironing and doesn't show the dirt. Yay!
The accent fabric is Windham Timber by Jessica Levitt. Also from the stash. I now match a couple of cushion covers I have around the house.
Alterations - decorative:
- added pocket (I don't know why but this one was crying out to me for a single, curved pocket)
- used piping on pocket and where bottom band meets main body
- made bottom band less deep than pattern and in main fabric rather than contrast
Alterations - fitting:
- took a triangular slice from the bottom of the front shoulder pieces, creating a dart-like effect to fit my bust area better - see pink line below for approximate adjustment (right is the outside edge)

- shaped the side seams of the main body in a little under arms and towards my waist and back out - roughly like pink line below.

And a side / back view... all a wee bit rumpled since I've been wearing it and the leggings non-stop for about two and a half days now.

Clearly a tunic length, never to be worn without leggings, but this seems to be my 'winter look 2012'. (Boots are Duckfeet which I wore non-stop last winter and am doing so again thus justifying their purchase price but they have been oh so worth it.)
Still thinking about a denim version. Getting a few comments from Jasper and Clem to the effect of "what? you're making another dress for you?" since it's been, oh, two in a row now. Maybe if I whip up a t-shirt for somebody I can sneak in another one....
- Jane x


  1. Oooh, I really like this one! And I think the Timberland fabric is a perfect choice. I had some of this fabric in the blue colourway that I loved. By the way, I ordered some of those merino leggins you blogged about too. (You should get a commission! He he)

  2. I love both versions of your Poppy: very inspiring! :-)

  3. Wow, Jane. That is great. I love the piping. Cx

  4. I reckon this is a great look for Winter 2012. Love the contrasting fabric details. Those boots are awesome.

  5. Yep, love that dress. I'm sold!

  6. Love this one, and your mods look great.....I say forget the tshirt and make yourself another one!

  7. I love the additions that you've made - such great ways to individualize each one that you make (and yes - you definitely need a denim one! :)

  8. Looks really nice. Very wintery, but with a touch of colour.

  9. when you are onto a winner then stick with it. Sewing the same pattern in succession makes sewing quicker and easier anyway.

  10. The piping and contrasting yoke are just killer! So cute! And I think this would be PERFECT in denim. Do it! (As far as making more things for the kids first ... meh. It will do them good to remember that mom has sewing needs and desires too!)

  11. love this one too! cool fabric - you look so funky :)
    and i looooooove those boots, maybe next winter. they are fab!

  12. That's lovely. The piping really finishes it off, and I'm actually loving the fact that you match your cushions. I want to do that!!

  13. Looks great Jane, and I loooove your boots - I get the same from my girls - "are you angry with me?? Why aren't you sewing things for me??"!!

  14. Oh I like this a lot, I wear tunics all winter with jeans. Love the boots too. Bethx

  15. I love your tunics!! Ive made a few of the Poppy tunic, but my bias on the neck open won't lie nice and flat, what is your secret :)


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