Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my new creative muse

This is my brother's newborn, little Curtis, photographed Sunday morning at less than twelve hours old.
Aaahhhh... I haven't been to visit again since we've all been a bit sniffly-coughy here, but I keep looking back at the photos because they're just so delicious and calming.

That image puts so much into perspective. (That, and a workmate's story about her teenage son's ingrown hair... somewhere... that had me pretty much curled in a ball under my desk today in hysterics.) Oh sorry, Curtis, to spoil your newborn pristine-ness with that. I don't think you care much. It's not all glamour when you've just squeezed out of someone's nether regions and require others to tend to all your bodily functions, either, is it?

Moving right along... why oh why didn't I sew when my babies were this small? It's so completely, ridiculously satisfying and uses just the smallest scraps of fabric.

I was totally inspired by Inder's recent baby-pants-a-rama sewing spree and set about downloading one of the patterns she used and making some for Curtis. And that was so quick and satisfying I made another. And that may not be the last.

I knew I'd been saving those small pieces of beloved knits for something! Internets, I love you.

(Bamboo fleece with Spoonflower knit trim, Lilofant knit with unbleached cotton rib trim from a bunch of stuff given to me by lovely ingrown-hair-story workmate.)

So, dear Curtis, I really hope these fit you, and that your mum and dad like them, because I'd really quite like to sew more. And see you wearing them. And have a cuddle. And hand you back when you make that scrunchy red poo-face. Welcome to the world.

- Aunty Jane x


  1. Awww. Too cute! The baby and the pants.

  2. EEEEEK! Curtis is so gorgeous...and those pants are freaking adorable!

  3. Oh, he's beautiful......and those pants!

  4. So Cute! (the baby and the pants)

  5. So Curtis is probably THE MOST GORGEOUS boy I have seen in a long time! He es totally going to rock the trousers you sewed him (I can't bring myself to call them pants - sorry) Congrats Aunty Jane xx

    1. Haha - love the 'pants' thing. Somehow for me because they are tiny and stretchy, these can be 'pants'. I wear 'trousers' unless they're jeans or for yoga or something. When I was little 'pants' were definitely underpants. Somehow I seem to be morphing into a pants-sayer.

  6. He is beautiful Jane!! And your pants are adorable! What a great way to use tiny scraps.

  7. Tee hee! I warned you it was addictive!!

  8. Thanks all - there hasn't been a newborn in the family since Clem so it's a bit exciting!

  9. ohhhh love those pants and the newborn pics! I am expecting number 5 in 6 weeks and need to get my butt into gear getting his wardrobe ready, they are perfect! Love your tunics too, came from Toni's blog and must make one after the baby!


  10. Really cute pants and nice to see my fabric on your blog I just came across :)
    Agnetha / Lilofant Design


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