Friday, May 4, 2012


Who sneezed on our gate?
Nah, it's just me indulging Clem's whim to paint our rusty front gate yellow.
I didn't want to squash his vision but I didn't want to end up with permanent paint all over him, the gate and the driveway.

Enter cornflour paint: about a tablespoon of cornflour heated with about a cup of water plus food colouring. Very gloopy, and providing pleasingly sustained entertainment to the four year old.

I suspect I may have some regrets over this activity after it has dried and subsequently gooeys (sure that's a real word) up again when it rains. Eh, whatever. Snot a problem, heheh.

- Jane x


  1. Snotgate! Perfect! Maybe perfectly awful, but perfect!

  2. Ha ha. I love it. So many possibilities for its use.

  3. Looks like he had fun. My boys would be into that. Cx

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  5. I taught junior high for 30 years...I have lots of experience with snot jokes. Still, it is a bit sickening to look at. :-)

  6. Eeeeew. That's kind of awesome. When I was a kid, Ghostbusters was big, and we all coveted this nasty green slime that you could buy. It was similarly snotty and disgusting - and fun!

  7. Oh, how I do love a good pun :)


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