Thursday, July 19, 2012

beeswax shoe polish

For about a year I've been trying to convince myself I don't want another pair of my beloved Duckfeet boots. When I finally put in my 2010/11 tax return I caved and treated myself to some green ones.

In comparison, my old ones looked sadly neglected. One suggestion from the friendly Duckfeet folk was beeswax, and I found a recipe here, that used things I actually had on hand. And haven't they come up well?

The polish has a lovely soft texture, gorgeous golden colour and a mild, natural smell.

And it's so simple to make:

1/2 cup food-grade linseed (flaxseed) oil
1 tablespoon beeswax

Melt together in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Once combined, pour into a glass jar (Vegemite jar works a treat!) and label.

Rub onto leather with a soft cloth. (Totally non-toxic and relatively mess-free for kids.) After a few minutes, buff with a clean cloth.


After (the darkness lightens up and evens out after an hour or so):

I tried it on wood, too. Why not? It smooths on beautifully and the finish is not sticky or oily.

I think our whole kitchen bench is crying out for a coat of this now.

On a completely unrelated note, check this out, poor chooky:

But lucky Clem.
(He managed all of the white and about half the gimungous yolk.)

- Jane x


  1. I treat my shoes soooo badly - should try making some polish too!

    - oh, that egg!

  2. Oh, I need some of that polish for my coffee table ASAP! Thanks so much for the tip!

  3. Gotta love a freshly polished pair of shoes!

  4. Yeah, I have about ten pairs of shoes that need this treatment. Ahem.

    Poor chooky indeed. OUCH.

  5. I like the sound of that beeswax polish. I'll definately give it a go.

    We made beeswax candles last week and they absolutely smell delicious.

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