Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday evening sights

 Grubby little feet
 dog in motion
 Sunday evening TV
hard to believe these legs and feet belong to my child... nearly fourteen

 the 'sports slab' where our shed once was; Andy's latest big yard project, taking shape
the other big boy-child (they are both wearing shorts I made, which makes me happy, even if they have to be plain denim these days)

most excellent Sunday arvo drink invented by Andy: half a can of Mercury Hard Cider over ice with a dash of Campari and a sprig of mint. Seriously good.

(Not pictured: two loads of washing, two haircuts, two batches of baking, numerous battles/debates with the 7y.o., watering the parched garden, multiple kitchen cleanings, some book reading.)

Happy Sunday. How's yours?

- Jane x
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