Friday, July 6, 2012

and for his tenth birthday...

...Jasper requested all-in-one dragon pyjamas. Now that's the kind of challenge I like!
His original concept sketches were a touch more ambitious,
 but he's genuinely thrilled with the end result and so am I. (Scroll on down for details.)

He was simply jumping out of his skin to be reaching double digits and had been counting down the days for a month or so. He's always been a very intense, jump-out-of-his-skin in excitement kind of chap. He was a 'surprise' baby; Charlie was only five months old when we discovered I was pregnant again. Jasper has such an insistent, vibrant energy about him that it seems as if he willed himself into existence.

And yes, he just about burst a few capillaries over these Skylanders Wii game characters he wanted (moderation in all things, ya know), and  this awesome huge book that Andy found him, about all that fossil-rock-dinosaur kind of stuff he adores.
 He sang along to his own 'Happy Birthday' over a carrot cake Charlie volunteered to bake for him.
 Charlie also made him a fabulous card... from an eleven year old to a ten year old, check it out:
And so, some more about the pyjamas.

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3714
Highly recommended and there's even an adult version of this pattern... everyone else in the family is eyeing these enviously. I stuffed about with the placket for a while but it was my fault, due to some dodgy tracing. The sizing was spot-on for Jasper. There's meant to be some elastic at the back waist inside a casing but I decided it didn't need it. There are even pockets!

Fabric: Cotton sateen with a little spandex, from Spotlight.
I was not totally sure about the texture because we were hoping for something more snuggly but Jasper and I were sold on the dragon-esque print. In fact it sewed like a dream and is lovely and soft with a little stretch across the width. Jasper designed and cut the wings from some orange velour from my stash. I zigzagged them on using the walking foot. Collar and cuffs are some cotton knit ribbing from the stash.

He'd wanted a separate tail but when I suggested an applique version like the wings, he was very happy. Original plans for a hood were discarded. He was, in fact, far more flexible with his artistic vision for these than I expected.

 Feet are meant to be a non-slip 'grip' kind of thing which I didn't have. I substituted scraps of polar fleece which are warm but a bit slippery.
The finished pyjamas are reportedly very comfy and have even passed the bouncing-on-trampoline test.

Happy birthday to our wonderful Jasper. It's a privilege to share this wild ride with you.

- (Mama) Jane x


  1. Love the wings - though it doesn't look as though he needs them and will fly anyway.

  2. Brilliant dragon pajamas and it looks like he's delighted with them! The wings and the tail are just genius! Well done for making him so happy on his special day and happy 10th birthday to your boy!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jasper! Love the brotherly love too, something that's not happening in our house at the moment...

  4. Happy Birthday Jasper! It appears as though your son nearly shares a birthday with my daughter. Eden is 9 today and I'm dissapointed I didn't get to sew her the outfit I had planned, but the funny thing is, it uses the exact same cotton sateen print only in the pink version! (although not groovy pjs like you made). Very cool pjs by the way, I could really wear these myself in a really soft polar fleece! It has been so cold lately.

  5. Fantastic. Love the red/orange self designed detail. My oldest two are 14 months apart too. A bit of a shock at the time, but love it so much now. Happy birthday to your boy. Cx

  6. I am in awe of just how fabulous these PJ's are! the detail of the wings and tail really are great, my boys would love these. Happy Birthday to J, glad it was a good one. Bethx (the linen cat)

  7. Happy happy birthday - and yay for fabulous dragon jammies!

  8. Brilliant PJ's - just brilliant! What a gorgeous happy boy you have there - it's great to see someone so genuinely delighted with a new gift - well done Mama Jane!

  9. These are just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Happy birthday Jasper! (That's quite a head of hair you have there, kid! Lovely!)

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