Thursday, December 26, 2013

Victory Patterns Hazel - my 'watermelon dress'

As soon as Andy saw this completed he dubbed it my 'watermelon dress' and Clem followed this up by saying I should embroider some black pips along the hemline. I don't mind... I'm quite happy to be a giant watermelon in the gorgeous summer weather we've been having. And I do love this dress - the Hazel by Victory Patterns.

I've been wanting to make this dress for ages and when the samples for these linens came into the shop, I knew I'd found my Hazel fabrics. It's pretty much inspired by the pattern cover but I put my watermelon-pink on the bottom. They're both 100% linens.
I was halfway through making this dress when Victory Patterns designer Kristiann actually popped into The Drapery for a visit! She had let us know she was coming to Adelaide and said she would try to call in. She was utterly and totally lovely, and tall, and effortlessly glamorous... truly a rockstar of sewing pattern design. We were a bit star-struck, teehee! So I was all the more inspired to get this dress finished to wear for Christmas.
ridiculous pose #273
I made a muslin, which was a very quick and easy process because honestly the most complicated part of this pattern is the neck tie, which isn't too hard really anyway, and not necessary for the muslin. I cut a size 10 and the only modification I made was to take out about an inch in the bodice at the 'lengthen or shorten here' line. Oh, and I left off the sleeves and finished the armholes with self-fabric bias. Apart from that it was a nicely cool and loose, yet flatteringly fitted shape. Just perfect for a 33 degree Christmas Day in Adelaide, with plenty of room for a big lunch!

I top-stitched the neck tie, which wasn't in the instructions but I felt would make life easier when ironing this linen after a wash. The linen makes a somewhat pouffier (if that is even a word) bow than the fabric on the pattern cover but I am mad for linen so I rather love its creased bunchiness.
The skirt is lined, and I used an organic cotton cambric which is super-soft (excuse the creases). I hand-stitched the hem on the outer skirt and also hand-stitched down the bias on the armholes. I'm learning to enjoy some of these slow-but-satisfying hand-finishing touches that make a garment feel a little more special in the end.

That's a friendship bracelet on my arm. Jasper made it for me, which kind of melts my heart.

I love this Victory Hazel dress to bits and I would love to make it again. Totally recommended.

- Jane x


  1. Jane, this is lovely. The colours are gorgeous and the linen is perfect for it. It is really flattering on you. Once again, you're enabling my pattern addiction :-)

  2. DROOOOOL. So beautiful. I love your choice of fabrics and colors, and I have been swooning over the shape of this pattern since it came out. Love the friendship bracelet too. You know I was a top-notch bracelet maker in my day. :-)

  3. This dress is so gorgeous and looks so so great on you! I love it!

  4. It's gorgeous. And I adore the colours. Perfect!!

  5. I love this - you make the most gorgeous dresses xxx

  6. Very pretty. I love the colours.

    The friendship bracelet is also very cute. At Christmas my kids got to see their cousins for the first time in a long time, and it wasn't long until "cousinship" bracelets were being made. I thought that was very sweet :)

  7. Such a beautiful dress. I like your sleeveless version and the colours you used. I'm sorry I didn't make it to The Drapery when we were in Adelaide. The conference timing ended up getting in the way of my plans to do so. Cx

  8. Stunning, do you have this pattern in your shop?

  9. Silly me, I forgot they were PDF only.

    1. No no, we do, we do! The printed patterns are lovely, with a little stapled booklet of instructions inside.

  10. Oooh, thank you!
    I have a lovely excuse to pop in now!

  11. I love this - so classically simple and stylish. Very beautiful. Congratulations. Cheers, Karen

  12. Hi Jane! LOVE this dress on you. I've had my eye on those Victory patterns for quite some time but for some reason I've never tried any. Must fix that.


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