Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve, 2013

Ah, this time of year. It's just the best. And since Andy and I are both on holidays we have another couple of weeks of this to come.

Yesterday we gathered sticks at my parents' bush block, looking for long, strong, straight pieces of timber to help construct/adorn a new gate for the chook yard. Clem-as-Miffy was sure he found the best, straightest piece.

Today we have played an early Christmas gift game from uncle/aunt/cousin, a very fun thing called 'Rapidough' which is kind of like Pictionary but you make dough models rather than draw. You can probably see that Charlie's 'Loch Ness Monster' was a bit easier to guess than Clem's red 'submarine'. Interestingly though, Clem's sculptures often have a simplicity that cuts quickly to the essence of an object. He's not bad at it!

Andy has been hard at work putting the chook gate together. My contribution was the vital task of holding the post perfectly straight while it was concreted in. The pretty sticks will be attached to the front in a very-decorative-slightly-functional way while the serious stuff holds it all together from behind.

Our scrappy little Pinus Radiata in a pot is indoors again, performing its yearly duty. Strange and lovely felt ornaments have been sewn. Puddings are cooked. We planted basil. Snacks went out for the man in red and his team. Big boys have watched Dr Who. Little boy fast asleep. Muppets/Sufjan Stevens/Sting/Boney M/Bob Dylan Christmas music playing.

Merry Christmas - or whatever you do or don't celebrate, happy days - to you and yours.

- Jane x


  1. Merry Christmas Jane! I hope and your family have a wonderful day :) We are starting to get ready, mince pies have been made for Santa and it'll be bath time soon, then that last exciting night, for the boys.....I'm hoping we get to sleep longer than 5am this year - ha ha! Hope all your wishes come true. Bethx

  2. Merry Christmas Jane x
    Lovely snapshots of a perfect Xmas eve

  3. Bow ties are cool! I'm so sad I missed out on the Doctor Who Christmas special. I hope I can see it online.


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