Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So easy, it feels like cheating

I finally got my mitts on a copy of the book 'You Sew Girl' by Nicole Mallalieu. For some time now I've been wanting to try her 'Pattern-free Cowl Top' that's in the book. I shopped my stash and the fabric I came up with was actually long enough to try a dress: exactly the same technique, just longer, as the book suggests. (It's a light cotton knit with a touch of spandex, I think originally purchased from Crafty Mamas.)

I'm ridiculously pleased with the result. For one thing, I never thought a dress in this style would suit me (lumps and bumps, hello). For another, it was so insanely quick and easy to put together. It just seems almost wrong for a dress - or even a top - to come together this fast! Nonetheless, it's the clever techniques in the book that make it work.
Sure, it's not a perfectly-fitted sheath but that's what I like about it. The cowl neck kind of gives it permission to be a bit drapey and moveable all the way down. It's about as comfy as a giant slipper. And if you want it more fitted, the book can guide you.

I think the book would be worth purchasing just for this garment alone. But there are plenty of other things in there that would be worth a try too, and as usual Nicole Mallalieu's instructions are clear and precise. (No, no-one's paying me to say this... although the book is available in our shop :D   Oh actually... better check on stock and order if need be! This shop-running thing is still all new.)

If we hadn't just begun summer here, I'd be immediately planning one of these in merino wool knit. To be honest I probably have enough summer dresses so can't really justify another of these but I probably do need a top or two....

- Jane x


  1. Love it, and in merino for winter sounds dreamy.
    Big tick from me.

  2. I love it Jane! Looks fantastic, comfortable, on trend, and great for summer.

  3. Looks great Jane, no lumps or bumps - very flattering in fact. I agree a winter version would be cool.

  4. This might be one of my very favorite things you've made! I love it! I wonder if I got a really stretchy fabric if I could make one for my growing belly? You look fabulous!

  5. You look GREAT! I can tell that you love this dress just from your body language. It's great how the simplest things are often our favorites. Like my stretchy elastic waist tank dress - it was so easy, but I love it! And yes, I am thinking a soft sweater knit for winter ... perhaps in a rusty deep red, yummy.

  6. That looks perfect for summer! (now if only it weren't so damn cold here....)

  7. I love it. I like the comfy, but flattering, unfitted look. I wouldn't mind one of these for myself. Actually, if it's so quick and easy, maybe it will make a nice gift for some friends or family at Christmas.

  8. oohhh - AWESOME!! So cute on you!

  9. I am loving this one and the title sells it! Might have to add the book to my Christmas list. You look great in it, by the way :) Bethx


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