Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New year, new ironing board cover

As they say in the classics.

The truly shameful thing is how long I procrastinated about this job. Visual evidence below.
The old cover. In some great barkcloth that I got from... somewhere... and had my Mum stitch up into this cover. That's how long ago it was made: before I got seriously into sewing and still asked my Mum to whip up things like this. It's a minimum of six years old and in vintage fabric, it started disintegrating a while back. A fair while back, cough cough.
The new cover is just the shape of the top of the ironing board, traced with about 10cm added all around, edges overlocked and turned and sewn down to make a channel for 1/2" elastic. The sewing is really slapdash, because it's all under an ironing board, possibly the least interesting place in the world for anyone to ever look. And the top looks all smooth and lovely!
The fabric is just a quilting cotton from my stash so I'm not counting on it lasting forever. But maybe, having done it once, I will make a fresh one sooner next time.
I rewarded myself with a slice of this hazelnut cake I made yesterday:
Recipe here - I followed it exactly, using un-roasted nuts with their skins on, and then added sliced fresh strawberries in the centre along with the cream. Could go even more strawberries next time, and considerably shorter cooking time or lower heat in our oven, since it was slightly overcooked by about 45 minutes. Very light and delicious and not over-sweet, and really very simple. I would recommend this to impress a bunch of guests (or just scoff as a hungry family).

Now, I'm off to iron a bunch of stuff.

No, not really.

- Jane x


  1. Ooh yum - that cake looks delish....even if overcooked!
    Love your ironing board cover - I really need to make one too. Mine is so icky. I'll just add that to the list of a million other things I really need to sew but haven't ;o)

  2. Your ironing board cover is fab! Hadn't thought about a simple elasticated edging, but now it seems so obvious... clearly I've been procrastinating this task too...

  3. Oh, a new ironing board cover has been on my list of to-dos for too long! Right up there with a sewing machine cover. But now all I want to do is bake a cake!

  4. My ironing board cover looks like total sh*t, but that has long come under the heading of "boring sewing projects I will procrastinate forever" - but your super pretty cover makes me wonder if I should reconsider that! Also, cake!

  5. Why is it that ironing board covers have to fall to pieces before the thought even crosses my mind that I should get off my backside and make a new one? Only one scorch mark on mine current one, so I reckon it's got at least two years more. Never thought to use elastic; what a good idea. Happy New Year.

  6. Happy New ironing board cover should really be a proper greeting xx

  7. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long (my ironing board cover looks bad….but maybe not as bad as yours. Ha, ha!). On the upside, your new one looks fan-freaking-tastic!

  8. That ironing board cover is so pretty, it nearly makes me want to iron... nearly. Other than being old and stained, my ironing board cover is in good condition. I think that shows how little I use it. Actually, the fabric design probably gives you a hint as well: it is just a plain white background with "IRONING BORED" written in large bold type all over it :)

  9. It's so pretty! LOVE it! You would never have been able to buy such a pretty cover in the shops :) I sewed myself a new ironing board cover when mine fell apart too and it makes ironing way more enjoyable.

  10. My little Ikea board needs a new cover too, the fabric you've used is lovely, nice and summery. Bethx


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