Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the cat pyjamas

Back at the beginning of summer, my pyjama options were in a state remarkably similar to my ironing board cover. (By the way, thanks for all the lovely comments on that post. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who puts off these very very simple but yawn-worthy projects.)

I made a wearable muslin with some stash fabric (majorly adjusted commercial pattern), made a couple more adjustments and then moved on to The Chosen Fabric.
 I am 43 years old and I reserve the right to sew and wear pyjama pants with flowers and kitties and ruffles. Because seriously, look at those kitties. This fabric reminds me of my 70s childhood.
 I became acquainted with my sewing machine's mysterious-looking ruffler attachment, which I was quite pleased with. I dare say if I played around with it some more and looked up some actual instructions, I could eventually get a far more even, neat result. If, you know, I wanted to put ruffles on more stuff.
I also used, with reasonable success, the narrow hem foot. Go me!
And three cheers to my husband who didn't bat an eyelid at the idea of me wearing such pyjamas. Although mind you, he hasn't seen the end product yet since he's overseas for a week. Boy is he in for a treat :D

- Jane x


  1. The great thing about pyjamas is that you don't have to worry what other people might think, because no one will see them. I say rock the kitties and ruffles! Plus that ruffle looks like it could look very pretty on a sleeve or skirt.

  2. Well done you! And at 43 you have most certainly earned the right to wear jammies of your choice. Great job. Cheers, Karen

  3. The look fab - if ever so slightly like old fashioned bloomers (but less voluminous). Next step baby doll nighttie with matching knickers? Your ruffling looks mighty neat.

  4. Hahaha! Andy will get back and you'll be at the door in these, and he'll sputter a bit and say ... "wow, nice pajamas, honey!" Love these. You're right, that fabric is totally great. And you used a ruffler foot? I have one of those but I've never tried it! So old school!

  5. Love the ruffler foot! Not yet tried the narrow hem foot, but looking at your sucess I might have to pull it out and give it a go.

  6. I love them! and as a fellow forty something I say ruffles and cats are fine. I don't have a ruffle attachment or a narrow hem foot - I have machine accessory envy ;) Bethx

  7. They are super fabulous Jane!!

  8. ha ha! I love the kitties. Do you ever have adelaide bloggy meet ups? I'd be keen to be included now that we have moved here :o)


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