Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well I finished up this excuse to crochet really useful blanket. It's yummy and springy and soft and warm. Wool is Freedom by Twilleys of Stamford, UK. Slight guilt for not using Australian wool but the choice of chunky yarns in 100% wool was not vast, and I was supporting my local yarn shop. I feel very lucky to be able to use the phrase 'local yarn shop'.

When I finished this I threw it at Andy and then he suggested I toss it on the floor to see what it looked like, since that's how it will be now for most of its existence.

My kids tend to all stand up from the couch and whatever they were snuggled under or sitting on ends up on the floor without a backwards glance. I'm forever nagging them to pick up blankets and cushions. Anyway, here it is on the floor before crumbs and hair and spilt tea and cat fur and so forth become part of its very fibres.

And a little neater. I guess the stretched out ends are what the mysterious thing known as 'blocking' might fix, but I think this has been sucked into the couch vortex already.

Just the thing to snuggle under with a morning cup of coffee.

Why is it my attempts at coffee froth art always end up looking... unappetising?

Jasper laughed and said "yes, it's very Andy Griffiths".

- Jane x


  1. Blanket looks very good for snuggling under. I laughed at the coffee froth art- better than anything I could do. Kind of looks like an embryo to me. Cx

  2. I had to click on Andy Griffiths to understand - but Jasper's right. Your blanket looks very useful. Thanks for the link to Aesthetic Nest - very tasteful crochet and the tutorials look easy to follow.

  3. Great colour and very cosy looking too. I'm torn between a bum and an unborn baby...hmmm I wonder if you can read froth like you can read tea leaves.

  4. Amazing blanket. How long did it take?

    Sounds like Jasper has a good sense of humour.

  5. Hmm yeah I can see an embryo now... but my 'coffee art' generally ends up (inadvertently) being bums or willies, ha! It's a bit of entertainment each morning.
    The blanket took only about two weeks in little grabs here and there, it's a thick yarn done with a 10mm hook and once I got going, I was obsessed. I had hoped it might be a longer-term project but it seems a smaller hook and yarn would be the key there. It was satisfying to see it grow so quickly though.

    1. That's about as long as I can handle for a long term project. I have noticed that just about every single thing I have ever started that has taken longer than 2-4 weeks tends to be put aside indefinitely, with the intention of completing it one day, but I will probably be 80 and still intending to complete them.

      OK, this has motivated me to pick one of my unfinished long term projects and just keep plodding away at it until it is done. I'll start with the one I feel most guilty about.

  6. Nice blankie, and a gorgeous color. I laughed at your coffee seems to be a theme in my travels through the interwebs this morning.

  7. Oooh lovely blanket ~ looks perfect for snuggling under on the couch or floor. Either way, very cosy!

  8. I'm amazed that you crocheted an entire blanket. I realized that crochet is usually faster than knitting, but the idea of knitting a blanket leaves me in cold sweats! Your blanket is going to be perfect for snuggling under though!
    (oh and love the coffee art by the way :)

  9. The blanket looks great! And the froth art, hilarious.

    Well, I am glad I'm not the only one who spends a good part of every day picking blankets and pillows off of the floor and throwing them back onto the couches. Joe's taken to carrying blankets around the house and hiding things under them. The dogs like to park themselves on them too. So it's important to me that they all be WASHABLE!

  10. Love the blanket! I've only ever crocheted a blanket once, which I gave to a niece when she was born. Why do I always end up giving everything I make away??? And I have to agree with Jasper on the coffee froth - very "Bumageddon!"


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