Sunday, March 4, 2012


I won't pretend that my kids don't play quite a lot of Wii (reserved in our house for the 'wii-kends') and watch their fair share of telly. But I do love it when they get outside and become absorbed in an activity. Even if it involves taking a ladder out onto the footpath. Erm, it's a small, quiet street!

They were starting to draw an enormous tongue that went right across the road and I did put an end to that for safety's sake. Cool idea though. Charlie and Jasper were drawing on the driveway when their friend Sam came over and the drawing just sort of expanded.

These power line poles the boys are decorating are known in Adelaide (and nowhere else, I think) as stobie poles.

We have vast amounts of chalk at our house because Andy worked on an event last year that was sponsored by Ikea, who donated boxes and boxes of the stuff. We've given some to childcare and kindy and neighbours and still have a drawer full at home. A nice thing to have an excess of.

I love it when cats, who think they're so dignified, unknowingly have something comical like spiderwebs or pink chalk on them. Sorry, Elodie.

- Jane x


  1. Jane,

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  2. Ah, that looks fun! I want to join!

  3. Wow, your kids look tall! I'm always scared to stand on that last ladder rung.

  4. What? You don't want your kids drawing in the middle of hte street?
    I love this idea that they came up's the perfect chalk drawing activity for an older kid (you know - with the sense of danger that comes from the ladder :)
    And that picture of the cat is hilarious!

  5. I had to pop over here & give you warm "Hello!", since you officially became my 100th follower! :D

    Love your blog name, & what thoroughly adorable & creative kids you have! And kudos to you for encouraging that off-beat creative streak! (middle-of-the-street art excepted....)

  6. And the stobie looks so much better with all those colors on it. I especially like the stripey bits.


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