Saturday, March 24, 2012

leopard pants, oh yeah

I've never worn animal prints; they're just not me. But when Andy's sister Sharon, who lives in Uganda, kindly sent me some leopard print in a sturdy natural fabric (I'm guessing linen/cotton blend) I began to rethink the animal print. I mean, if leopard fabric has a right to exist anywhere, it's in Africa.

And while I may not be game (game, geddit?) to wear the leopard myself, I'm certainly not beyond turning it into amusing pants to inflict upon my four-year-old son.

As soon as I began cutting, I felt I was onto something.
I'm feeling it
 And the leopard pants were born. I mean, they're kind of awful. But kind of awesome too, if I do say so myself.
hey, I reckon I can see a leopard face on the left (photo left) knee
I used my usual Japanese Pochee (2009 Vol 8) pants pattern. I underestimated how long this boy's legs are becoming, so had to lengthen with cuffs. But I'm quite happy with the detail they add.
 And I popped on a couple of back pockets. Jeans topstitching thread would have looked great but I was too lazy to walk around the corner and get some.
And after all that... would he wear them?

Clem hadn't been consulted at all on these, apart from reluctantly trying them on a couple of times during the construction. He didn't want to put these on. "They're cold," he said. He's been known to flatly reject some items of clothing. Please, not these.

Think think think... he likes the warmth of freshly ironed clothes. "What if I iron them and make them all warm?"

"Yes!"   (Phew.)

rock'n'roll baybeh

And he's worn them for a day-and-a-half without complaint so I'd say leopard pants get the Clement tick of approval. Leopard pants. Oh yeah.

- Jane x


  1. He's such a dude! The leopard legs look great and like you, I never know if my 5 yr old will decide that anything I make her is worth wearing. I feel such a ridiculous sense of achievement when she does!

  2. I love them, but them I also love animal print as you might have noticed :)

    1. Oh yes Carla you can rock animal print... and I'm thinking maybe Jude could too :)

  3. Initially I thought you were making leopard print tights for yourself. I'm so glad you weren't.

    They look surprisingly cool on Clem (surprising because I didn't think I would ever hear myself refer to leopard print as cool )

    If there is more fabric left you could make a matching long sleeved shirt (including a hood with ears) and he has a great leopard costume to play with.

    1. forgot to say that I see the face too, but I wouldn't have unless you pointed it out.

  4. Thanks ladies, I was wondering if the fashion police might get me for crimes against 4y.o.s and leopards but I'm glad to know you're on my side :)

  5. Very cool. I'm yet to cross into leopard prints yet. I think you either have to be uber cool/chic (which I'm not) or 60 + (which I'm not)....or 4 years old (which I'm also not).

  6. You have *got* to make him wear a similar outfit when he's 20... Just sayin... ;) He kind of looks like a little rockstar, not every little boy could pull it off.

  7. Get that kid some motorcycle boots and a guitar! :-)

  8. You just hit on some of my favorite things in life - those things that walk the line between awful and awesome :)
    I love these pants on Clem though, because really, if anybody could pull off leopard pants, it'd be Clem.

  9. Those pants are absolutely gorgeous! Love this look!


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