Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Operation Scarecrow: mission accomplished

You see that big market umbrella cover? We made that! My friend Han and I, we made that, on this little hard-working machine just above.
You can see the beginnings here.
We've spent maybe four or five sessions on Wednesdays whenever we can manage between work, kids, home, blah blah. It's been a challenge, and a lovely opportunity to spend time with a dear friend and her sweet baby girl.
what is this sewing thing you are doing?
Even though we made a muslin, the entire process has been a bit of a 'don't count your chickens' exercise until we put the final cover onto its frame. It worked better than either of us really hoped. We even managed to salvage the large eyelet-thing from the very top of the old cover to re-use.
Hannah's very basic-model new Singer machine just churned through multiple layers of outdoor fabric with a denim needle and thick Gutermann thread. There were a few 'choking' moments but nothing a bit of unpicking and gentle persuasion couldn't remedy. Pretty impressive and has raised the notion of new sewing machines a few notches in my eyes.
Now, 'count your chickens', yes that was planning for a little segue.
In chook news, we have two melted-together broodies on the one nest of twelve eggs. Every day for twenty minutes we plop them out for a little eat-drink-poop-stretch-the-legs and then they're back to this position. Four days our of twenty-one down and counting!
Chargold the young pullet was not accepted by the feathered friends at my parents' coop so she's now in a large cardboard box in our house, pending her own outdoor accommodations to be built on the weekend.
Oh and I took one of our rats to the vet for the second time this week, he's now on antibiotics and thankfully responding well. $69 later.
Pets. Sheesh. We also have a box of silkworms but right now I'm thinking they might make a nutritious snack for one of the chickens.

- Jane x


  1. Well, I am officially impressed! That umbrella looks amazing - it fits perfectly!

  2. I laughed at what you said about the silkworms. I keep threatening to do the same with ours!

  3. The umbrella cover looks GREAT, and boy oh boy does that not look like a fun project to me. Yikes. The company of adorable babies helps, though.

    Rats! Chickens! Silkworms! Where will it end?

  4. wow, an umbrella! Impressive sewing project.


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