Sunday, November 20, 2011

hardcover blog

I'd heard about having blogs printed into books. Since one of the main reasons I blog is to keep a bit of a personal, sewing and family archive, this seemed like a good idea to me.

Especially when Inder recently mentioned that she was shut out of her entire Google/Blogger setup for a while and had potentially lost everything. (Thankfully she didn't.)

I'm hopeless at making photo albums. Our wedding photos are still sitting about as tiny proofs in a plastic bag, almost 12 years down the track. So the notion of acting right now and getting something all made up and delivered to my door with a few clicks was just perfect for me.

I used Blog2Print, and my book came in the mail last week. I'm delighted! What a keepsake to look back on in years to come.

an index! so exciting!
you can choose to have the comments printed or not, I love comments :)
For anyone interested, here are my thoughts about it:

- For what it is, the price was pretty reasonable. (My book is over 200 pages, full colour, hardcover, delivered to my door, all for around $100.)
- It's dead easy, it really does it all for you.
- The cover options (as far as I could tell) were pretty basic and the stripey one I picked is a bit naff, but I don't mind.
- The photos all turned out smallish, although I make most of them larger on my actual blog.
- There may have been more options and ways to alter the layout, but I don't have a lot of patience with these things and so just went with 'that'll do'.
- Isn't technology just freaky, and marvellous?

- Jane x


  1. This is a genius idea, I may have to show it to my husband ;) Beth/the linen cat

  2. Wow! It looks GORGEOUS! Well done! Still considering my options over here (but I did at least export and back up my blog).

  3. I love this idea! I'm hideously bad at putting together photo albums and the like too...this could be the perfect solution...

  4. That will be a lovely keepsake heirloom for your family.

  5. Thanks everyone! I thought considering it's a reasonable investment, others might like to hear about what the actual end product is like. I also love the photo books you can do on iPhoto, I've done a couple as gifts to celebrate occasions, and we have one so far for a family holiday. I love how simple it is to get it done right away while the memories are fresh. Perfect for people like me with piles of old photos sitting in envelopes... well not for those piles but for future documentation!

  6. Never knew if this could be possible.Converting the blog into a hardcover book! Kind of an asset isn't?! Great you got yours done.:)
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  7. I started to do one of these till i noticed how much drivel i posted about and i am fairly sure no one in my family wants to read about my sewing ha ha. Looks great though. Nice to have things in hard copies


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