Tuesday, November 22, 2011

alien heads

So, when your kids assume with their daunting faith that Mama can whip up just about anything on the sewing machine, this is where you end up.
Jasper 'needed' three alien heads for a drama presentation this week.
Here is the inspiration image he and his friends had Googled up:

I did suggest large balloons and papier mache might be the go for good alien head shapes, but he insisted on fabric. And what else is one to do on a day at home with a mildly ill four-year-old, than sew alien heads?
I like the spookiness of the (unintentional) blur here
Fabric: a polyester-spandex remnant with a suedey-kind of finish, and double layers of black tulle for the eyes. Thank you, fabric shop around the corner.
Extremely technical details: I just made a basic hood shape and filled in the front with a flat piece, then zigzagged on elastic around the bottom at the back to pull it in, and added darts at the front to help it sit better. I think they add a certain skull-like menace, too. Nostrils done in fabric marker. Voila, three alien heads.

- Jane x


  1. No wonder your little ones have such faith in you, you're amazing!

  2. crap, this scared me! Great photos and boy do I miss being around this age sometimes.

  3. No way? You just whipped these up? You rock!

  4. Those are great. And you know what, if you ever need to make nightmare before christmas costumes, a white one would make a great Jack Skellington head.

  5. Wow, good job. Drama lesson will be great this week.

  6. Thanks everyone! I had fun in case you can't tell :)


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