Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the muslin that made me go "yeah, nah"

I may finally have to face the awful truth that I am not an illustration of a groovy young thing in the sixties. Boo-hoo.
yeah! hey that's me in the centre with the red hanky isn't it?
nah. I don't hate it but wouldn't buy it, you know?
Let's ignore the one sleeve thing and the safety pin 'buttons' and the random fabric belt for now and look at the shape.

The fit was not bad; I loosened a little into the seam allowances around the hips but that's all.

I was slightly concerned about the shapeless bag potential of this pattern on me and I think, suspicions confirmed. Not dreadful, however not flattering enough to bother with making 'for real'.

And didn't they like their 'short' sleeves long in the sixties? Modesty or fashion I wonder?

There are better dresses out there for my shape. Like something with an actual waist. Lesson learnt!

Yay for doing muslins then, however dull it might be. I think this means I have to muslin up another pattern. Oh well, silver lining: it's a great way to use up odd coloured threads left on bobbins.

- Jane x


  1. Lol! Love this - I am a dumpy hourglass shape, so i guess i would look like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle with this shape of dress - even though i can fully imagine myself walking down the High street looking groovy. xx

  2. First of all - you're awesome for even making a muslin! I always talk about how I should, and yet I never do.
    Second of all - I think that there's approximately 2% of the population that that cut of dress actually looks good on. I know that personally I need a little something with a little more shape!

  3. All this style needs is a few darts to be 500% more flattering. The shirt dress concept is a great one, just not the shapeless shirt dress, eh? (Totally paranoid that my comment will disappear, btw.)

  4. Thanks ladies :-)
    Yes I thought of adding some long darts around the waist front and back, which I'm sure would improve it, but I'm not sure I like the rest of it enough to bother. Might return to it though if my next pattern-to-try isn't great. I looked up some other shirt dress patterns and perhaps something with separate pieces for bodice and skirt would be better.
    And hey, if I ever want to make a costume of a frumpy nurse's uniform, I have just the pattern now!

  5. From an era where smoking replaced eating. I'm always tempted too but I need to stay away from the catwalk styles and go more "down home"

    1. Aha - yes that's a really good point about the smoking! I can just picture the cigarette holders in their long, slender hands on that pattern cover. Skinny but not healthy!


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