Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I love that my kids love to dress up.
I wish I'd provided the big boys with more dressup clothes when they were younger. But they're pretty good at improvising anyhow.
A few weeks back it was 'Book Week' at school and the kids were encouraged to dress as a favourite book character.

I'm sure Charlie's is obvious: Harry Potter. I ironed the stripes onto his tie. Ribbon and adhesive tape on Salvos tie. The glasses are an old pair of Andy's.
Jasper is Leif from Deltora Quest, which I haven't read but I am so proud of him since he has almost finished it; a hefty book and his first real large novel. He spent a long time drawing 'gems' for his belt.
As you can see the Witchard capes are still getting a good workout; in fact Charlie's is going back to school this Friday when he dresses up for his role as 'creepy narrator voice' in his class presentation of Thriller. They've been working on it all term, I can't wait.
If you have tween-age kids in your house you too may be familiar with the TV show Horrible Histories. We now have a series on DVD and our boys are obsessed.
A couple of nights ago Charlie and Jasper came bouncing down from 'quiet reading time' before bed to present their own Horrible Histories show to us.
It was a bit dark so the photos are not great but worth recording for posterity.
'Cutthroat Celts'
'Vicious Vikings'
'Rotten Romans'

'Savage Stone Age'
'Frightful First World War'
'Incredible Incas'
Entirely their own doing. And here's a couple of examples of their earlier work.
jungle animals

er, wallies
They work as a team. Ah, I love these boys.

- Jane x


  1. Oh My God! I love your boys! They could not be more amazing!

  2. I can't stop smiling. Your boys rule! Ps you looked so cute on the sew mama roundup :)

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for your comment the other day! Really glad you did - I had no idea you blogged about sewing/craft stuff too. Hope you don't mind me stalkerishly checking out your archives now.

    ps, we like horrible histories, too. your boys are gorgeous - 'savage stone age', hehe!

  4. Carla, I saw your no-sew pencil roll tute featured on another blog the other day, too! Clever girl :)

  5. Fiona, hi, yes you're welcome to stalk away and even the score ;)
    I'm still a bit of a newbie at this blogging thing but it's a bit of fun and nice to connect with some other sewing-types... across the world or around the corner!

  6. I want to come play with your boys! Fun!!

  7. Wow they look great. My girls loved to dress up when they were little and I always provided them with lots of garments and fabrics etc. My eldest still loves to dressup and has become a performer!


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