Friday, September 16, 2011

the sweetest sight

My littlest one asleep on the couch amidst homemade comforts.
Made all the sweeter because this little one usually no longer naps.
And it was after lunch on Friday of a long and busy week:
- crazy with work
- Andy interstate since Tuesday
- most of us a little under the weather with various mucous-based ailments
- sun has been rising earlier and so, consequently, has this son
- those rosebud lips had asked me about ten thousand million trillion questions this morning, most of which I could only answer with 'no, not today' or 'I don't know'
- I had laid down on the couch with him, toe-to-toe, and after about an hour came back to consciousness and saw this.
Sweet, sweet sleeping three year old. Even in your dreams you are probably asking me, for the seventeenth time, for something utterly impractical.

- J x


  1. That photo is precious beyond belief! What a superb moment to preserve. I love my smalls especially when they are sleeping!

  2. Oh three year old naps are so rare and precious. Such a sweet photo.

  3. What a beautiful memory. I have one of mine( now 24)as a 3 year old walking into her sister's room with blankie in hand and crawling into her sister's bed and falling to sleep. I just couldn't resist a photo. It's still one of my favourites.

  4. Such a beautiful picture and such a beautiful moment...he could teach us all to slow down a little.

  5. He's just "dreamy." By which I mean, so beautiful. :-)


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