Saturday, September 17, 2011

no cute photo today (unless baby ants count, in which case you are about to die of cute overload)

For a few weeks I've been ignoring a trail of wandering tiny sugar ants on the old wooden meat safe that serves as our TV/DVD/stereo cabinet.
I thought they were looking for either water or food, neither of which they would find.
This morning Jasper asked if he and Charlie could play Wii and I said yes, with strict instructions about half an hour each using the kitchen timer etc etc.
Jasper sped off but came back in distress: "the ants have laid eggs in the Wii remote where the nunchuck joins in!"
I found this amusing and enterprising. Jasper did not.
The ants came streaming out.
There was no end of them.
I opened the battery compartment.
If you look closely you can see the eggs in the middle I think are actually egg stage, whereas in the compartment to the bottom left they are more of a larval stage. So organised!
I am still shaking ants and eggs out of this thing. Lucky they're the non-biting, non-stinky kind of ants.
Kind of cool. Nature finding practical use for a piece of technology that's really pretty stupid.
Go ants. Sort of.

- J x


  1. Rats: pretty cute.

    Ants: not cute at all.

  2. Not cute! (In my humble opinion)

  3. That is one of the GROSSEST THINGS EVER. Holy moly. Still, thank you for sharing. :) Susan


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