Monday, August 15, 2011

sunny weekend, grey Monday, can't complain

"Mama, can I have a mine* and a blanket, and pillow and Miffy?"

These words are music to my ears late on a Monday morning because it means Clem will be having a little rest on the couch for a while.

*A 'mine' is a muslin wrap - we have many - which Clem uses as a comfort object. "Mine" was one of his earliest words (how toddler can you get) and somehow these became named 'mines'.

Today is grey and rainy, and I had to be at work for a 9am meeting for which the client never showed. I normally work Tuesdays and Thursdays. Client has apparently now seen the presentation by email and phone, and was very positive, maybe out of guilt, ha. Blessing in disguise?

Anyhow, a perfect time to relive our sunny weekend.

I love it when our own city has surprises for us. Like this new corner of the Botanic Gardens.

More child-friendly water features: shallow, flowing and touchable. Love!

This stunning new ginkgo-leaf-pattern gate. The large middle piece swivels between the outer panels to open and close at the start and end of day.
We had a picnic by the creek, which was flowing.
Who would fall in first? Surprisingly, neither.

Charlie made this hat about a year ago, with a minimum of help from me.

Loving the gradual emergence of spring, and loving my family... mwah!

- Jane x


  1. Lovely pictures, especially those water features! I love discovering and re-discovering adventures in my local town. And that hat is brilliant! Much better than my recent efforts.

  2. A new spot to explore in the Gardens, must make a trip soon and check it out. Looks like great fun.

  3. SOCK MONKEYS. I was thinking of making a hat like that for Joe, but I hadn't yet arrived at the genius of using sock monkey fabric. Thanks Charlie!

  4. Great hat! great water feature. Beautiful photos!

  5. Such a wonderful weekend (and tell Charlie I love his hat!)

  6. Oh, thanks everyone, and I just read Charlie all the hat-love comments and he had a big smile that went all over his face :)


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