Friday, August 12, 2011

the stripes do not love me

What is wrong with this picture?

(You know, if that's a little bit of underwear show-through, photo left, let's pretend it's not, okay?)

I am standing ever so slightly skewiff. But those stripes? It's not just the way I'm standing.

Somehow I managed to match one stripe with the one below it when folding the fabric to cut out the front of this top. A fact I was unaware of until I had the thing almost finished. Poop.

The twin needle and I have had a bit of a tiff, too. Oh yes it was my new BFF just a little while back but now we're discovering our differences. Like how completely fussy it is about tension, and thread type, and how that relates to different fabrics, and different again when you've used fusible tape to hold something in place before stitching. And how it doesn't like to turn corners. Twin needle, you take me back to the days of learning to sew with my Mum looking critically over my shoulder. When I was onto some world record attempt of broken needles from ordinary straight line sewing. Twin needle, much more crap from you and you're off my Facebook friends list, okay?

I guess I'll just finish this thing off and wear it a bit, under things, you know.

I do have enough of the fabric for another try. Yawn. Spring is in the air and stripes may find other callings....

- Jane x


  1. Bugger! But you know I don't think I would've noticed if you didn't say anything.

  2. As Barbie would (should) say: "Stripes are hard!"

  3. I wouldn't have noticed it, either. Get thee to a RTW shop, findeth a striped top, and compare!

  4. Eeks. Thanks for the reminder, Inder: Stripes are hard! I'm hoping that the narrower gauge of the stripes I'm working with and the rectangular nature of the pattern pieces for my inspiration top will make matching easier (or more to the point, my failure to match will be less noticeable). Humph. We shall see!

    Your top does look good and I don't think the slight wonkiness is very noticeable, btw. I agree that RTW striped shirts rarely match up that well. We sewists hold ourselves to standards that most people would be oblivious to.


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