Saturday, August 27, 2011

how can you not love a rat (or three)?

hairy underarm problem
Seriously, now. Since we've had these little pets, the kids have watched less TV and barely bothered with Wii or even asking about the computer. (Okay, Jasper's been banned from those last two for about six weeks but all the same.)
The boys are learning a lot about the responsibility of looking after pets, and how to play gently with them.
These little things are active, inquisitive and genuinely friendly. Sometimes Andy and I even get a rat or two out to play with after the boys are in bed.
We don't even need to remember to buy them specific food because they mostly eat breakfast cereal, popcorn and a little spinach from the garden.
Honestly, I can't think of a better first pet for kids. Yay for... you know... small furry things, that need a better name!

- Jane x


  1. Holy crap! That picture of the rats in the arm pits is both hilarious and disgusting! I'm itchy just looking at it :)

  2. Yeah, I guess the rat-infested-armpits photo was never going to produce any new rat-lovin' converts. Couldn't help but include it though! Honestly, it's so cute, the way they dash up your sleeve then immediately turn around to peek out.... ahem, anyway.

  3. I remember loving our classroom rats, we got take them home on the weekend. I'm not sure how it would work with our kitty, but I will keep them in mind for when our little one is old enough.

  4. Love, love rats. When I taught, I always kept girl rats in my classroom. They had coffee names-latte, java etc.


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