Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Since I post most of my sewing adventures over on The Drapery blog these days, I've not been here much. But I think I miss the documentation of regular life, and sometimes I have some lovely photos of the kids or the dog or something we did and I think I should do something with them, so I'm going to try to be back here more often. I think.

Just in case I'm giving the impression that it's all sunshine here in winter, the beach trip was a rare break in the grey, wet and cold that has permeated pretty much the entire last two weeks, which were school holidays. Brr. I'm afraid new-to-us Netflix has had a hammering. The tonne of firewood we ordered about a month ago is not going to last.

When I cleaned out Clem's schoolbag just before he left this morning (better last minute than never), I found the drawings above. It was quite the tiresome, repetitive battle to get him ready in time for school so it was nice to be reminded of his sweeter and more interesting side.

Here's something else he did. While we asked him about fifty times to get out of his pyjamas and get dressed because we needed to go out.

No, the dog has not had rainbow facepaint. In winter the sun angles into our back room and right through some refracting crystal balls we have hanging in the window. It's a little bit Bowie though, isn't it? Andy calls her the Thin White Dog.

Jasper turned 13. We gave him his longed-for Wacom tablet for drawing on the computer. He's extremely keen on computer animation, visual effects and so forth and it turns out Adelaide actually has fantastic education resources and employment opportunites for these areas. But he's not even in high school until next year. I have a feeling this passion is going to stick, though.

That's all for now folks, but I will try to be back sooner rather than later. Thanks for reading if you've dropped by and made it this far!

- Jane xx


  1. An ideal going out outfit that Clem has there!

    1. Probably nice and warm, but a little tricky to get a seatbelt around in the car....

  2. Clem is awesome, reminiscent of my big boy (who is in Burnside with a broken arm awaiting surgery )

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